Accessible Brunch Ideas for Power Chair and Scooter Users

Brunch — the simple portmanteau that combines the words breakfast and lunch — is the ultimate late-morning meal. Where else can you enjoy an egg-topped burger or french toast with a side of french fries?

Because it pulls from two meals, brunch has something for everyone. The time of day — late morning to early afternoon — provides a sweet spot where all food is fair game. You can’t have a fried chicken sandwich for breakfast, but it’s on the brunch menu!

It’s not just the brunch menu that is inclusive. So is the meal itself. Brunch is for everyone! If you use a Pride Mobility scooter or power wheelchair, join us for a journey into the wide world of brunch.

The Diner Brunch

Diners do it all. They have mammoth menus that run through every meal of the day. Do you want scrambled eggs, soup and a piece of pie for brunch? How about diligent coffee refills? Then a diner is the spot for you.

Traditional stainless steel diners were not originally built with mobility devices in mind. They were plug-and-play restaurants that sparkled with character, but barely enough room to squeeze through on two legs let alone navigate with a 31-inch turning radius.

Thankfully, many of those old classic diners were preserved and expanded with accessible ingress and egress and wider corridors. You should have no problem getting to your place (or the restroom).

Diners don’t always advertise that they have brunch. In a 24-hour diner, anytime is brunch time!

A diner is a great place to enjoy brunch from a mobility device. You can drive your Jazzy right up to the table. There are a lot of options on that big menu. Make sure you take your time to pick the perfect brunch.

The Vacation Brunch

Brunch can also be an international affair. Take your Go Go Sport 4-Wheel scooter on your travels and make sure to get a brunch reservation. There’s something extra delicious about a vacation meal. Maybe it’s because there’s no chance of doing the dishes.

The Go Go Sport is easy to stow on an airplane. Brunch is but a flight away. Devour crepes for brunch at a Parisian bistro. Tip back some fruity cocktails at a Hawaiian resort. Bask in the hipness of avocado toast at an outdoor brunch in Williamsburg. The world is your oyster, which, coincidentally, is pretty good brunch food.

The Rolling Brunch

Don’t want to squeeze into a restaurant, but require a late-morning pick-me-up? Hit the road for a rolling brunch. Grab some coffee and breakfast/lunch food. A bagel sandwich feels like a good choice. Take your power wheelchair or scooter to a local park. You can cruise around, take in the sights and eat. Make sure to have a cup holder so you don’t have to balance coffee on your lap during rolling brunch.

The At-Home Brunch

And finally, there’s the cozy home brunch. No reservations necessary! This is a great option for the culinarily inclined. Like the restaurants , you don’t serve these treats every day, but when you do, it’s a show. Gather up your best recipes and give your friends a brunch to remember.

A power chair like the Jazzy Air 2 is a secret weapon in the kitchen. With 12 inches of elevation, you can easily raise the chair to get a bowl then lower it to mix some batter on the counter. Next, roll over to get whiskey for Irish coffee. Who says you need to go out to have a good time?

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