The Best Scooter Accessories

The moment you put your personal stamp on a new car is when it becomes your car. That could mean a sassy bumper sticker or some fuzzy dice. It could also be more practical like adding a bike rack, trailer hitch or new floor mats.

Pride Mobility scooters are packed with cool standard features, but there’s lots of room to customize. We have a large selection of accessories to personalize and upgrade your scooter.

We supply the accessories for our mobility scooters, which means easy installation and a perfect fit. To purchase accessories and to see them in person, visit a Pride Mobility dealer near you.

Mobility aid accessories for scooters

Everyone’s mobility circumstances are unique. We know that for many people, a scooter isn’t their only mobility device. It might be possible to balance your cane between your knees while aboard the scooter, but it’s not necessary. To make it easier to manage, we offer a wide range of clips and holders for mobility aids. There is an attachment for everyone. While the accessories use different mechanisms to hold your mobility aid, they are all easy to install and come with the necessary hardware.

There’s the cane clip attachment, which holds a cane below the scooter’s armrest. While driving the scooter, just rest your cane on the pair of clips. When it’s time to dismount, pick up your cane and walk away.

The other holders affix to the back of the scooter chair. Rear-mounted mobility aid holders include: single/double cane crutch holder, wishbone crutch holder, cane crutch holder, forearm crutch holder and a walker holder.

Accessory Holders for Pride Mobility Scooter

Modern life calls for stuff. Sometimes a lot of stuff. We’ve already covered how your mobility scooter can carry your crutches for you. If you rely on oxygen, the oxygen tank holder is the safest way to keep your portable tank close by.

We also offer a cell phone holder and XLR USB charger. Instead of fumbling through your pockets, just keep your phone on the tiller-mounted holder. From the universal phone holder, you can easily answer calls or use your GPS. We also offer a USB charger so, if your phone battery gives up, you can juice it up using your scooter battery.

It’s always a good idea to keep a beverage handy. Stay hydrated with the help of the cup holder attachment. This plastic cup holder is attached to the armrest of your scooter. Your drink is out of the way for driving, but close enough for a spontaneous water break.

Additional Storage Options for Mobility Scooter

As we’ve talked about, people have a lot of stuff. Now that we’ve shown you accessories to keep specific things in place, we’ll move on to more general storage. The open front basket and rear basket are perfect for bigger items like your purse or grocery bag. Stow smaller or important items in the under seat storage or saddlebag. Talk to your Pride Mobility dealer about what storage options work best on your model.

Safety Accessories for Pride Mobility Scooter

Safety is a given with a Pride Mobility scooter. We take meticulous care to build sturdy and secure devices. Here are a  few safety boosters. The rearview mirror affords riders with additional visibility. The mirror is particularly helpful if you use your scooter in congested areas. Backing up, parking and merging will be a lot easier with a mirror mounted to your delta tiller.

If you find yourself worrying about being seen by motorists on your scooter, a safety flag might dull your concerns. The orange pennant flies above the seat, letting cars and pedestrians alike know you’re nearby. It’s also useful for letting your friends and family find you in a crowd.

The available lap belt adds another layer of safety. There are two kinds of lap belts: a metal, tab-style positioning belt and a reusable hook-and-loop fastener style positioning belt. Both styles come in multiple sizes. Staying strapped into a moving vehicle is a no-brainer. It’s especially wise if you own a mobility scooter that thrives outdoors like the Wrangler. If you spend a lot of time cruising hills and crushing uneven surfaces, a seat belt provides peace of mind.

Pride Mobility scooters are all electronic, so it’s paramount that you keep moisture at bay. The weather cover is the best way to protect your investment. This durable, vinyl cover will protect your ride from rain, snow, wind and hail. It comes in a variety of sizes.

Military Patches

We’re proud to supply mobility devices to veterans. Show off the pride of your branch with military patches. They easily affix to the back of the seat. Patches include: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, as well as a Purple Heart patch.

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