Accessible Date Night Ideas

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Accessible Date Night Ideas 

From the twinkle of the night stars to the twinkle in your partner’s eyes, nothing beats a perfectly curated (and perfectly romantic) date night.  

If you or your partner is a power wheelchair user, accessibility is just as important as your connection. In addition to tasty food and a charming atmosphere, ramps, lifts and access areas should be at the top of your date night list.  

To help you dream up the ideal date night that meets each of your needs, we’ve compiled our top accessible date night ideas. 

Number 1: Experience the Arts 

Date night is an excellent opportunity to check out arts and entertainment options in your community. Consider taking your date to: 

  • The movie theater 
  • A stage play or musical 
  • A comedy show or improv troupe performance 
  • A live music or open mic event 
  • A magic show 

Whether you opt to see a big-time band or support homegrown entertainers, we recommend double-checking that venues are accessible or opting for wheelchair-accessible tickets when they’re available.  

Number 2: Go Stargazing 

Stargazing can be a fun, romantic experience. The best part? It’s free, and you can check out the stars year-round (as long as it’s not cloudy).  

Here are some tips for organizing the perfect stargazing date: 

  • Scout a Good Location – Do some research beforehand by searching online or consulting a local astronomy club to find the perfect location. Paved parking lots far enough away from most light pollution with limited tree cover are ideal for stargazing.  
  • Gather tools – You don’t need a fancy telescope for stargazing, but if you have one or can borrow one, this would be the perfect time to break it out. You can use binoculars to magnify your view or just use the naked eye.  
  • Set a goal – Whether you grab a constellation map and try to chart the stars yourself or wait patiently for the International Space Station (ISS) to cross the sky, come up with something specific you’d like to see or show your date. 

And perhaps the most important tip of all? Don’t forget snacks! 

Number 3: Enjoy the Comforts of Home 

If you’d rather opt for a cozy night in, there are certainly ways to make at-home date nights special: 

  • Host a movie night and stream your or your date’s favorite flicks. 
  • Marathon a favorite classic TV show or binge a few episodes of a show that’s currently airing. 
  • Make a homemade meal, grab takeout from your favorite restaurant or opt for good old-fashioned pizza delivery. 

Who says you have to hit the town to have a fantastic date night? Staying in can be intimate and fun.  

Number 4: Check Out a Museum Night 

Many museums host nighttime events to accommodate visitors whose schedules don’t permit daytime visits. For instance, more than ten museums in Washington DC host after-hours events regularly.1 

For your next date night, see if a local museum offers an evening event. Keep in mind that: 

  • We recommend calling ahead to ask about accessibility. 
  • Some evening events require advanced tickets. Order these ahead of time to secure your spot. 
  • Some events offer food and beverages while others don’t. Consider making dinner arrangements before or after your visit if needed.  

Number 5: Sign Up For a Class 

Taking a class in your area is an excellent way to get to know someone new or add something new to your typical date night docket. A community center near you may offer classes on: 

  • Cooking 
  • Arts and crafts, like pottery, painting, needlework or knitting 
  • Bridge, poker or bingo 

You can also run a class from home: find a YouTube video (or a few) to teach you and your date a new skill. For instance, you could grab some paint and canvases from the local craft store and paint along to a Bob Ross video.  

Number 6: Play an Online Video Game 

If you need a long-distance date night idea, consider picking up a copy of a collaborative, online video game. Some gamers’ favorites from the last few years include:2 

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons 
  • Absolver 
  • Phasmophobia 
  • Gang beasts 
  • Raft 
  • Stardew Valley 
  • Overcooked 2 
  • Terraria 

Many of the games above offer local co-op too: you can play the same game together in the same room, no internet connection needed.  

Getting Creative With Accessible Date Night Ideas 

If you want to brainstorm your own accessible date night ideas, remember to get creative, do as much research as you can to make sure your destination can accommodate power wheelchairs and ask your partner for their input. Maybe they have an out-of-this-world date idea for your next get-together! 

At Pride Mobility, we’re all about finding creative solutions that support your mobility needs, from daily activities to date night. Our power lift chairs, electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters are designed for and by the people who use them every day.  

Whether you or your partner use a wheelchair or mobility scooter to see the world, we hope your next date night is fun and adventurous! 

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