Meet the VivaLift!® Ultra 

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Meet the VivaLift!® Ultra 

Today’s shoppers have nearly countless options to choose from while searching for the perfect power lift chair. But, when it comes to advanced functions, features and aesthetics, there’s simply no better choice than Pride Mobility’s VivaLift!® Ultra lift chair.  

There’s so much to love about the VivaLift!® Ultra: It comes in three size configurations (all of which optimize available space), offers True-Infinite positioning for maximum comfort and features various bells and whistles that support improved quality of life (like heat and massage).  

But these are just the tip of the iceberg.  

In this guide, we’re exploring everything the VivaLift!® Ultra has to offer those looking to maximize their mobility.  

Features You’ll Love 

The VivaLift!® Ultra achieves the primary purpose of power lift chairs: its motorized mechanism is designed to help you stand from a seated position, sit from a standing position or easily transfer to another mobility tool, like a power wheelchair, scooter or walker.  

But what else does this innovative lift chair have to offer? Let’s break down its key features. 

True-Infinite Positioning 

As you shop for lift chairs, you’ll encounter a variety of positioning options. 2-position, 3-position and zero-gravity are some of the most common.  

The VivaLift!® Ultra offers True-Infinite positioning, which: 

  • Allows users to customize the angles of the headrest, footrest and backrest to achieve truly infinite positioning combinations 
  • Gives users the opportunity to lay completely flat 
  • Provides extra comfort by giving users individual headrest and footrest control, even if users want to raise their feet above their heart level 

Small Space Compatibility 

If you’re looking for a power lift chair for your bedroom or a small living room space, the VivaLift!® Ultra is an excellent choice.  

The distance-from-wall measurement is a critical consideration for people with limited space. It describes the minimum allowable distance between the back of the backrest and the closest wall. The VivaLift!® Ultra comes in three sizes, but each one offers a relatively small distance-from-wall metric: 

  • The small size requires 15 inches of clearance 
  • The medium size also only needs 15 inches 
  • The large size needs 21.5 inches 

While the small and medium models feature some of the smallest distance-to-wall requirements on the market today, the large model is still quite efficient for its size class.  

Size Features 

As mentioned above, the VivaLift!® Ultra comes in three sizes, each with individual specifications. Here’s a table for comparison: 

Size Model Height Range Weight Capacity Chair Height Chair Width 
Small 5 foot 4 inches and below 400 pounds 41 inches 37 inches 
Medium 5 foot 5 inches to 6 foot 1 inch 400 pounds 43 inches 39 inches 
Large 5 foot 10 inches and taller 400 pounds 47 inches 39 inches 

Simply put, the VivaLift!® Ultra comes in sizes that are compatible with most users, from very petite to very tall.  

For users weighing more than 400 pounds, fortunately Pride Mobility offers a variety of higher-weight capacity power lift chairs.  

Design Elements 

The VivaLift!® Ultra is one of the most stylish power lift chairs on today’s market, and it would make an excellent addition to any living space. Plus, its modern design pairs well with a variety of existing furniture styles.  

Some design highlights include: 

  • The fully-padded, quilted chaise 
  • Four standard fabric options: 
  • Capriccio Smoke 
  • Capriccio Cappuccino 
  • Capriccio Dove 
  • Capriccio Slate 
  • A built-in, low-profile heat and massage remote on the inside of the armrest 

Bells and Whistles 

While the features above support functionality and appearance, the VivaLift! Ultra also showcases the peak of power lift chair technology. The additional features below don’t necessarily impact the lift functionality of the chair, but they do have the potential to make life just a little bit better.  

The VivaLift!® Ultra includes: 

  • A hidden cup holder that tucks into the armrest when it’s not in use 
  • A hidden wireless phone charger 
  • A wired, ergonomically-designed remote 
  • A lithium battery backup, so you can still use your chair during a power outage 
  • A gentle massage system with three intensity settings 
  • Three different heating pads in the shoulders, lumbar and seat 

The heated pads and a gentle massage can help soothe your everyday aches and pains and enhance your relaxation experience.  

Shop For The Vivalift!® Ultra At A Pride Mobility Dealer Near You 

Simply put, the VivaLift!® Ultra power lift chair is second to none. Featuring the best in positioning technology, multiple size-efficient models and mechanisms that support your quality of life, this power lift chair elevates your experience. 

Why is the VivaLift!® Ultra such an innovative, functional lift chair? Because it was designed for and by people just like you: users who rely on mobility technologies in their everyday lives. At Pride Mobility, we work with designers, scientists and medical professionals who understand today’s mobility challenges.  

To discover more about the VivaLift!® Ultra, and the rest of our power lift chair line, explore our catalog online or find a Pride Mobility dealer near you

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