International Nurses Day

No profession is as respected as nursing, let’s give thanks

Whether your health brings you into a doctor’s office, a clinic or a hospital, you’re going to encounter a nurse. You may even receive nursing care at home. As a culture, we respect nurses. We love nurses. Nurses have held the top spot on Gallup’s Annual Honesty and Ethics poll for more than 20 years, and the gap grew larger this year.

In the 2020 poll, nurses received an 89 percent very high/high rating for honesty and ethics. The record-high ranking is an increase from 85 percent in 2019, which also led all professions in the survey. Nurses are followed on the 2020 list by medical doctors, grade-school teachers, pharmacists and police officers.

Primarily due to their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, medical professions saw an uptick in their U.S. Ethics Rating. Doctors climbed an astounding 12 percentage points, followed by a 7 percent uptick for pharmacists. Medicine’s standing on this list is particularly impressive when you look at the ratings of professions outside the top five. They all have ethics ratings below 50 percent.

At Pride Mobility, we know how important nurses are to the men and women who use our products. Nurses provide support, counsel and life-saving care. To all nurses, thank you for everything you do.

Let’s celebrate

May 12 is a perfect day to celebrate the beloved field of nursing. Each year, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) marks International Nursing Day. The date was chosen because it was Florence Nightingale’s birthday; she was born in 1820. Nightingale is recognized as the founder of modern nursing, having made major improvements to hospital sanitation over the course of her career.

This year’s International Nursing Day theme is “Nurses: A Voice to Lead – A vision for future healthcare.” After a year where hospitals and medical professionals were heavily on our minds, the ICN is looking to the future. The future is in the hands of Nightingale’s heirs to the profession. More than 100 years after her death, the industry is vastly safer and more advanced.

“In 2021, we seek to show how nursing will look into the future as well as how the profession will transform the next stage of healthcare,” reads the description of this year’s event.

Thank a nurse

The relationships we all build with nurses are unique. Our circumstances and our experiences color all of those interactions. Regardless of the specifics, the role nurses play in our lives can be huge. Take a moment to extend your gratitude!

Say Thanks

An impactful way to show a nurse you care is to simply say thanks. Drop a note in the mail, pick up the phone or stop by to deliver your message. A heartfelt thank you can make someone’s day. It’s especially rewarding when you’re thanking someone who helps the way nurses do. Their combination of care, knowledge and compassion is literally healing.

Give a gift

While giving thanks is both poignant and affordable, a gift may be in order this International Nurses Day. The options range from a card or snacks to something more personal. The important thing is the gratitude it represents. 

On a mission to help: Nurses and Pride Mobility

Nurses are essential to positive health outcomes — for Pride riders, so are their power wheelchairs and scooters. We won’t pretend mobility products can replace the compassion and care that nurses provide. Maybe the reason we feel so grateful for their dedication is because we’ve seen the gratitude and relief wash over patients’ faces when they see the opportunity in mobility reimagined. In some ways, nurses and Pride share a singular goal — we all want to see people live their best lives with freedom and independence.

 Pride Mobility began manufacturing lift chairs in 1986. By 1992, the company expanded into mobility scooters. More than 30 years later, we’re still innovating. With the input of our customers and decades of experience, we’re still making upgrades to comfort, functionality and power.

When it comes to power wheelchairs, the Jazzy Power Chair is America’s favorite. Our lineup of power chairs is full of practical mobility options for real life. Pride Mobility offers lightweight power chairs, perfect for stowing and going. There are also more robust models. These heavy-duty chairs offer strong performance on varied terrain and excellent maneuverability. No matter what power chair you settle on, you can expect superior reliability and durability.

Pride has an equally impressive slate of mobility scooters. Much like our selection of power chairs, there is a diverse set of scooters. We have scooters that are sleek and speedy and those that are more rugged and stable. There are three and four wheel options, depending on your needs. We also offer several models that are designed to fold or breakdown for easy transport. Pride Mobility is extremely grateful to all the nurses out there. Thank you for your expertise and empathy. Happy International Nurses Day.

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