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Get more done with these accessible products and appliances

The last few years have seen tremendous improvement in the accessibility space for consumer products and appliances. User experience design has become an industry unto itself, and more people are focused making sure everyone can get the most out of consumer products, including people with disabilities and limited mobility.

Smart technology seems to have unlocked the creativity. It’s incredible how much more efficient all of us can be when we can check the laundry, change the thermostat and turn on the robot vacuum cleaner from our smartphones. 

Today is Clean Up Your Room Day, a holiday to focus our spring cleaning ambitions, and to help us all think a little bit more about doing the stuff we typically despise doing but really should.

Here are a couple products that make all of our lives easier when it comes to house work. Roll up your sleeves – it’s time to clean up!

Sliding Reacher

We’ll start simple and inexpensive. Before you wage war on the clutter in your living space, best to arm up with something that makes grabbing items at a distance simpler.

The HealthSmart Griploc Sliding Reacher reimagines the typical reacher with a two-handed pulling operation. It’s perfect for people who don’t have great gripping strength. It also has a twist-to-lock function, that lets you secure the thing you’re grabbing before lifting it up.

We found the best price for the Sliding Reacher at, $34.99

Tru Earth Detergent Sheets

This is a relatively new product on the market, and one that may or may not catch on. Still, it simplifies a previously daunting task of hoisting up heavy detergent jugs with every load.

The eco-friendly company Tru Earth has been hitting the internet hard with ads, and sending their product to tons of social media influencers.

We like them because they’re virtually weightless – so much easier to maneuver than clunky jugs of detergent – and apparently more gentle on the environment than liquid detergent. They’re also expensive, though, if more companies wander into this market, it will force prices down.

Whether they actually work, it’s hard to say and probably a subjective call. If you try  them out, let us know what you think!

Tru Earth Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent $19.95

DocaPole High Reach Cleaning Kit

This is not your typical feather duster wand extension.  The DocaPole cleaning kit extends up to 12 feet with an adjustable cleaning head. It comes with a variety of extensions, and even a window sponge and squeegee to clean virtually any hard surface in your home from a distance.

We found the best price for the DocaPole High Reach Cleaning Kit at Home Depot for $64.99

The Motus D-Grip

A simple tool puts an extra handle on just about anything. If you have strength or flexibility issues. This inexpensive option could make the difference between taking a project through to the end or losing steam halfway through.

We found the Motus D-Grip at for $15

Robot Vacuum

So far, these accessible products have been under $100. But we’d be remiss if we left out some of the luxury items that can truly change the way we live and clean.

Now generally speaking, a robotic vacuum will not replace a deep clean and elbow grease. They do a pretty good job, however, of keeping the place tidy and extending the time between vacuum sessions. So if you live with a disability, and rely on other people to help you get the cleaning done, a robot vacuum will give them a hand. Animals tend to love them, too.

iRobot might have made robotic vacuum cleaners mainstream, but CNET says the brand Neato actually offers better value for the price with its midrange D7 robotic vacuum. $599.99

LIttle Giant Safety Step

Sometimes, there’s no getting around it. You need a boost up to dust, paint or pull down some old boxes or books you haven’t touched in years. Picking the right step stool can be tricky. The lightweight ones tend to be flimsy, and the sturdy ones are too heavy. We found the Little Giant marries the good qualities and throws out the rest.

It’s lightweight at just 15 pounds for the two-step model. It has a tremendous weight capacity, wide and deep treads and high-friction mats so you don’t slip. The handle adds some extra stability.

The Little Giant Safety Step starts at $139.99

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  1. I 100% second the robot vacuum, even a cheap one. Most work on hardwood floors, and having one in the kitchen is legitimately life changing. Also I think we’ll try the tru earth strips!!

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