Mother-in-Law Day Gift Guide

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Best Gifts for Your Mother-in-Law in 2022

It’s true: Mother-in-Law Day does not get the same global attention, have the same historical significance or get the same kind of commercialization as Mother’s Day in May.

For a lot of people, mothers-in-law play an outsize part in their lives, and they deserve to be celebrated, so that’s what we’re going to do.

Brief History

In 1934, an Amarillo, Texas, newspaper editor started celebrating Mother-In-Law Day. It caught on and an industry group of florists cemented it on the calendar, for the fourth Sunday in October, a few decades later.

Yes, just like the other Mother’s Day, Mother-in-Law Day has its roots squarely in retail and gift giving.

10 Great Gifts for Mother-in-Law Day

10. Give a Greeting Card for Mother-in-Law Day

Of course, Hallmark wouldn’t leave this stone unturned. Maybe not as a standalone gift, but a special card for Mother-in-Law Day shows you took the time to find something especially for her. 

$2.99 – $7.59

9. Treat Her With A Mother-in-Law Charm

Couple your greeting card with a special charm for your MIL. Pandora has one for its bracelets with a heartfelt inscription: “Lucky to have you.”

$44.99 (sale price)

8. Accessorize Her Ride

Great gifts can have practical utility.

If your mother-in-law rides a Pride Mobility scooter, a new accessory like a cane holder or cell phone mount will simplify her experience and make it more enjoyable.

Check out Pride Mobility’s full list of scooter accessories.

Prices vary by provider

7. Give Her the Gift of Literature for Listening

Audiobooks give the power of mystery, romance, history and self-improvement in anybody’s hands — err, ears. Your mother-in-law can enjoy her favorite titles from Audible’s vast library with a one-year gift subscription.

$150 with 12-month discount

6. Give to the Unstoppable Adventurer

These days more people are longing for new experiences. An Airbnb gift card kicks the spirit of adventure into high gear. Your mother-in-law can pick from thousands of unique destinations and see someplace new.

Whether you go along for the ride, that’s up to her.

Price varies

5. Give Your MIL a Jazzy Carbon Portable Power Wheelchair

Mobility reimagined might be the greatest gift of all. New this year, the Jazzy Carbon is Pride Mobility’s most portable power wheelchair. It’s made with ultralight, ultra strong carbon fiber and folds up into a single piece.

If your mother-in-law has been hinting she needs a little mobility support, but doesn’t want to give up her go-anywhere lifestyle, you’ve got to check out Jazzy Carbon.

Price varies by provider

4. Give Her Control in the Kitchen with a Meal Kit Subscription

You don’t have to look far to find dozens of meal kit subscriptions. Each kit arrives fully loaded with portions and ingredients, perfect for someone who’s cleaned out the nest but still wants to explore new experiences.

Home Chef is a top-rated subscription for older people because it’s so customizable.

Many (including Home Chef) start with a free trial, so you can try it out before committing to buying your mother-in-law a subscription.

Price varies by subscription

3. Show Some Care for Your MIL’s Self-Care Routine

Subscriptions give your mother-in-law a regular reminder about how much you care, and this self-care kit from TheraBox is all about wellness. Each box includes an activity and products to help relax, reduce stress and recharge.

$39 per month with savings for multi-month pre-play plans

2. An Elegant Box of Chocolate

No, not a box of chocolate from the drug store, pick something fancy that will give her a unique, exotic experience. We found this box of Parisian chocolate from La Maison Du Chocolat that looks almost too good to eat.


1. The Ultimate Relaxation Gift for Your Mother-in-Law

If you’re truly committed to wowing your mother-in-law, you probably skipped down here to the No. 1 spot right away.

Anyone who loves their MIL enough to give her the warming comfort of a VivaLift! Radiance power lift recliner, probably shows her often enough that they don’t even need the gift for Mother-in-Law Day.

But we’re here for the gifts, right?

Radiance features warming pads on the seat and back, infinite recline, a hideaway cupholder and hideaway wireless device charging port and comes in luxurious, easy to clean colors.

Need we say more?

Price varies based on provider

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