Benefits of a Swivel Seat on A Mobility Scooter or Power Wheelchair

Image of a Go Go Elite Traveller with text above that says: "Feature Friday" and underneath it says "Swivel Seat" under that is text that says "Easily swivel your seat to pull up to tables, or to even make transfers easier!"

The swivel seat on your mobility scooter or power shows up when it matters most.

Let’s paint a picture. Your cousins visit from out of state, and they really want breakfast at the same cafe where you all hung out in college. They swear they’re not leaving without stopping by.

It’s a hole-in-the-wall kind of place that has a $2 breakfast special with toast, eggs and home fries. It’s nothing fancy and the coffee is weak, but that’s not why you go.

You all love it there because while the world around has changed so much since college, this little cafe still sells a decent breakfast for two bucks.

But just like the rest of the world, you’ve changed, too

Since you began using a Go Go Elite Traveller 3-Wheel, you started planning ahead when you go out. You want to make sure your destinations have scooter-accessible facilities because some places — including your favorite college breakfast spot — are still not very accessible.

Most notably, the tight walkways between tables might make parking your mobility scooter tricky, so much so that at first you try to turn your guests toward a different restaurant.

But wait! Your Go Go Elite has a swivel seat, which means your scooter can occupy just about the same amount of space as a seated person.

Your clever cousins suggest you can just sidle up to an open table and turn your seat.

Breakfast saved!

Nearly all Pride Mobility scooters have swivel seats, and they do a whole lot more than give you access to tightly-spaced diner tables.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons you should make sure your next mobility scooter has a swivel seat.

Climbing aboard and disembarking from a scooter swivel seat

A swivel seat positions you away from the tiller and the scooter floor so there’s just you and the ground.

If you have limited mobility, this option can be especially useful when climbing aboard or getting out of your seat.

To disembark Simply rotate the swivel seat outwards using the under-seat lever, plant your feet on the solid ground, support yourself with the armrests or a helper, and climb out.

To get in Do the reverse. Rotate, support yourself with the armrests or a helper and back in. Turn back toward the tiller and you’re ready to roll!

Playing with grandkids from your mobility scooter

A swivel seat unlocks playtime with your grandkids simply by letting you face them without leaving your chair.

Turn and play catch with an inflated ball, or let them show you their new favorite video game or climb up on your lap. It’s so much easier without the scooter tiller in the way.

Likewise, swiveling in your seat lets you have conversations with adults without all that hardware in between.

Watching outdoor performances from your swivel seat

Your mobility scooter’s swivel chair doubles as portable outdoor furniture!

When you’re at the park to hear a local jazz band play, or watching your niece’s dance recital at the amphitheater, your swivel chair gives you the best seat in the house.

Pride Mobility scooters with swivel seats

Perhaps the easiest way to do this would be to list which mobility scooters do not have swivel seats, nearly all of them do!

The ultra portable Go Go ES2 3-Wheel, the Go Go Folding Scooter 4-Wheel and the iRide scooter don’t have swivel seats. 

In addition, the Baja Raptor 2, soon to be released, won’t have a swivel seat. Otherwise, pick out your favorite with confidence it has this feature.

Pride Mobility power wheelchairs with a swivel seat

Even though a power wheelchair has no tiller or floor, riders enjoy the option to turn in their seats without moving the whole chair.

So most Pride Mobility electric wheelchairs also have swivel chairs.

You’ll find them on nearly all of the Jazzy lineup as well as the more portable Go Chair and Go Chair Med.

A few models that don’t have swivel seats include Jazzy Air 2 elevating wheelchairs and Pride’s heavy duty wheelchairs.

Talk to your Pride dealer about swivel seat options

A swivel seat on your scooter or wheelchair gives you options and empowers you to get the most out of your day.

If you’re ready to turn and see what life is like with mobility reimagined, contact a Pride Mobility dealer today and be sure to ask about models that have swivel seats.

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