Moving as You Age: What to Keep in Mind

Research and planning are the keys to success in many areas of life. Although you can’t factor in unexpected circumstances, planning helps you have an idea of what you want, and it gives you direction as you are moving towards your goal.

You’re getting ready for retirement and are looking for your next house. Maybe you had a list of features you were looking for when you were buying your first house. Even though that information could be helpful, your list may change as you age. Your priorities might change, and there are things that you’ll want to think about that you hadn’t before.

As you age, you notice some of the pros and cons of where you’re currently living, based on your abilities and lifestyle, and add that to your ideas for your next home. Here are four of the things you may consider when it comes time for you to move into your next house:


The biggest factor that will influence where people choose to live is whether the place has multiple floors or only one floor. People in their late 80s to early 90s who face challenges related to mobility can benefit from living in a single-floor home. Because of the setup, they have all the rooms that they need on one floor. While this can’t prevent them from ever falling, it can help them avoid potential dangers that come with using stairs. Not only is living in a one-floor setting safer, but it’s also more cost effective. If you move into a house with multiple floors, you may have to invest in a stair lift chair to be able to reach rooms on other floors.

If you are a wheelchair or scooter user, you will also want to take into account moving into a home that was built for accessibility or could be easily remodeled. Check out our article on remodeling your home for accessibility for more information on things you will need to consider when remodeling your home to meet your needs.


One aspect of where you live that will greatly affect you is the weather. Not only will it affect your duties, but possibly your finances. Do you live in an area where you need to shovel snow in the winter? How much snow do you get? Can you shovel it yourself as you get older or do you need to invest in extra help?


Another important thing to consider is proximity to people, such as family or community, and places that you need to go. Does the area have public transportation? Can you drive yourself? Are your family members nearby in case of an emergency? If not, do you live in a community where you can get the help and support that you would need during an emergency?

Man in a blue power wheelchair cooking a meal on the stove.


Lastly, whether you have a beloved pet or a service animal, you need to consider if the place where you want to move is pet friendly. Be sure to specify your situation, as some places may allow certified service animals but not regular house pets.

These are only some of the things you need to consider as you age and are looking to move. We also recommend that you look at your current lifestyle, as well as the lifestyle of those around you who are older and see what other features you will want to consider in looking for a new home.

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