Adaptive Halloween Costumes

While it’s undeniable that COVID-19 has changed our landscape and upcoming holiday experiences, there are still ways to have fun and be festive while practicing safe social distancing during this time. One of those ways is to dress up for Halloween! There are a few great options for adaptive Halloween costumes from retailers that range from spooky to sparkly!

What is an Adaptive Halloween Costume?

Adaptive Halloween costumes are outfits that often have easy access points located on the front and back of the costume. They also typically feature longer inseams with stretchy fabric that can accommodate being seated. There are also costumes that are compatible with most pediatric manual and automatic wheelchairs.

What are Some Options for Adaptive Halloween Costumes?

Target has a fantastic variety of costumes your child can both wear or adorn their wheelchair with. The versatility of their selection is great, as they include several options that have panels which can be placed along the sides and on top of the wheels on some manual wheelchairs. They also have several choices for costumes that can be worn while seated.

*FDA Class II Medical Device
Pride FDA Class II Medical Devices Are designed to aid individuals with mobility

Spirit of Halloween also has two fun options, one being an Ice Cream Truck and the other is a Rocket Ship. Both of these costumes seem to have a full body wrap for the wheelchair, supporting pieces, and ways you can adhere the pieces to the chair itself. Both costumes also feature really fun LED lights, but don’t forget the batteries!

Can You Make an Adaptive Halloween Costume?

Pablo Picasso said, “Everything you can imagine is real,” and he was right! Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to creating a Halloween costume. The sky’s the limit! You can find some great resources and ideas on Pinterest. Many individuals utilize LED light strips, cardboard, fabric, and various other materials to bring their creations to life.

Choosing the Right Size

One of the most important factors whether you are buying or creating your adaptive Halloween costume is sizing. You can ensure your measurements are correct for a Pride Mobility Products by visiting our website and checking out your model’s dimensions here.

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