VivaLift! Recliners Feature Wireless Chargers for Smartphones

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It’s almost game time. You settle into your comfortable VivaLift! Atlas Plus lift chair recliner, daydreaming about the looming kickoff, family time and guacamole. Your kids are coming over for the game and they’re in charge of snacks.

From a relaxed, reclined position, you pick up your cell phone. It’s fully charged because it was nestled in the hideaway wireless charging station that is built into the right armrest. You call your son and find out he’s five minutes away. Now content that food and fun are imminent, you flip on the pregame show.

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

After years of plugging a little piece of metal into the bottom of your phone, a wireless charging station might look too good to be true. The little platform might appear to be an arbitrary place to set your phone, but many charge just as effectively as the traditional corded charger.

The standard wireless charging system is called Qi (pronounced: chee). Most modern smartphones have a copper receiver coil built into the back. The charging pad on the Atlas Plus and VivaLift! Radiance collections have copper transmitter coils. By simply setting the phone on the charger, an electromagnetic field is created between the receiver and transmitter, which charges the phone battery.

What Phones Work with the VivaLift! Wireless Charger?

Qi wireless charging has become the standard technology embraced by cell phone  manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. All iPhones made after the iPhone 8 are compatible with the charging station.

Samsung offers plenty of smartphones capable of wireless charging, including:

  • Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra
  • Z Flip
  • Note10 and Note10+ Fold
  • S10e, S10 and S10+
  • Note9
  • S9 and S9+
  • Note8
  • S8 and S8+
  • S7 and S7 edge
  • Note5
  • S6 edge+, S6 edge and S6.The charging station on select Pride Mobility lift recliners is universal. If your phone has the receiver coils for Qi charging, it will work.

Older smartphones don’t have the built-in receiver coils that are common today. If you have an older smartphone, like an iPhone 7 or earlier, you’ll need a wireless charging adapter. Amazon sells adapters that attach to your phone and make it compatible with Qi wireless chargers.

What are the Limitations of Wireless Charging?

As shown above, there are many smartphones that are ready to take a charge from your lift chair recliner. Even more phones are eligible for easy wireless charging with an adapter. Unfortunately, that still leaves some phones behind in the technical dust. Wireless charging isn’t an option for those committed to rapidly-disappearing flip phones or smartphones without coils or adapters.

Other technological innovations use wireless charging. Wireless headphones and smartwatches are the latest to pioneer the technology. At present, they require specific chargers so they won’t charge on the VivaLift! charging station.

Learn More about the VivaLift Atlas Plus

The VivaLift! Atlas Plus Collection proudly sits at the intersection of luxury comfort and cutting edge technology. Available in three exquisite fabrics, this stylish recliner will complement your decor. The plush and inviting chair is equipped for a fully customizable sitting experience. It has a power headrest, lumbar, backrest and footrest extension. The soft-touch remote lets you position everything just right, whether you’re sitting up at attention for the game or laidback for a halftime nap.

The VivaLift! Atlas Plus Collection is available exclusively to Authorized Pride brick-and-mortar providers. Call your local Pride provider for more information.

Learn More About the VivaLift! Radiance

The VivaLift! Radiance Collection offers a totally customizable seating experience with adjustable power headrest, lumbar, backrest and footrest extension. It also brings some heat to the power recliner market. The Radiance has three built-in heating pads at the shoulders, lumbar and seat. Imagine you find the perfect position. We’re talking about legs elevated just right, back slightly inclined and being gently warmed. Then, your spouse comes along and moves the settings to their liking. The VivaLift! Radiance won’t forget about you. It has two programmable memory positions. When it’s your turn, press the button and transport back to your perfect position.

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