How to Find Lift Chairs for Sale

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Are you looking for lift chairs for sale? You’ve come to the right place, Pride Mobility’s VivaLift! power lift chairs are America’s No. 1 lift recliner brand. These high-performing, functional lift chairs fit with any decor style.

The process of finding lift chairs for sale includes settling on a power lift recliner model, locking in financing and locating a dealer.

Finding the Right Power Lift Chair

Pride Mobility offers more than a dozen collections of lift chairs for sale. At this point, your search becomes more granular and customizable. Within our collections there are different sizes and available features along with various styles and fabrics. The wide range of options ensures that there is a perfect power lift chair for everyone.

The Matter of Size

Pride Mobility designs mobility devices for all body types. Our power lift chairs for sale are made for a range of people from those under 5 feet 3 inches to those who stand 6 feet and taller. To serve this diverse population, we offer several sizes from petite to very heavy duty.

Our lift chairs are designed to maximize comfort. When seated in the right sized recliner, your feet will hang over the edge of the footrest. To increase comfort, many power lift chairs come with a three-inch foot extension. By sitting with your heels beyond the footrest, your weight is distributed across both calves. If your feet were on the footrest pad, all the pressure would be on your heels.

Aside from the height recommendations, each lift chair has a weight capacity. This information can be found on the spec sheet for each recliner.

Read more about small and large lift chairs for sale.

Select your Style

Pride Mobility power lift recliners are designed with functionality and style in mind. We know that a recliner is a piece of furniture first. The benefits of sweet relaxation are lost if the chair clashes with your decor. Don’t compromise your aesthetics, just find a lift chair that matches.

Check out our lineup of chair styles, fabrics and colors.

Optional Heat and Massage

Crank up your comfort by selecting optional heat and massage. There’s nothing better than a nice warm massage after a long day. Heat and massage are controlled with the lift chair’s remote. These ultra-soothing features are available on the Infinity and Heritage collections.

The Infinity power lift recliner provides the comfort, performance and style you demand. The pocketed coil design with the added heat and massage capabilities makes a recipe for relaxation.

The Infinity collection comes in four sizes and three different fabrics. There is a range of color options depending on your fabric preference.

The Heritage collection is our best selling power lift recliner. Available in six sizes and four fabrics, the Heritage collection has an unparalleled depth of options. With so many fabrics and colors to choose from, you’ll have no problem matching your new chair with your living room decor.

The Heritage collection has the added feature of First Up Technology. This impressive innovation allows you to stand up in half the time compared with most lift chairs. First Up Technology is not available in the XL and XXL models.

How to Finance a Lift Chair

It’s fun to pick out the perfect power lift recliner. Once you make your selection, it’s time for the sober reality of financing. Once you find lift chairs for sale, there are a few ways to pay. Pride Mobility providers accept cash and credit for the quickest transaction. Other financing options include: CareCredit, Medicare and private insurance.


CareCredit is a health care specific credit card that can be used on medical services and devices like power lift recliners. Like other credit cards, your chair can be paid off over time and is subject to interest payments. CareCredit is widely accepted across the medical spectrum, including Pride Mobility providers.

Medicare and Private Insurance

If your doctor deems your lift recliner to be medically necessary, you’re likely eligible for financing from Medicare or your private insurance. Our lift chairs for sale are all FDA Class II Medical Devices, which gets you over the first hurdle of approval. You’ll also need a signed order from your doctor.

For questions about payment or cost-sharing contact your private insurance provider or Medicare.

Pride Mobility Dealers with Lift Chairs for Sale

Pride Mobility does not sell power lift chairs directly to the people who use them, rather we partner with certified Pride Mobility providers around the country. These licensed dealers are experts on our products. They can answer any questions about lift chairs for sale or other mobility devices.

Visit our dealer locator to find lift chairs for sale in your area. Simply enter your location and a map will show you the nearest providers.

If you don’t live close to a Pride Mobility dealer or prefer the convenience of online shopping, visit our list of online retailers at the bottom of the dealer locator page. They provide the same quality and expertise as our brick and mortar dealers. 

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