How to Select Power Lift Recliner Fabric

Grid image of portions of a brown power lift recliner. First image top left is the power headrest, second image top right is the back with a yellow pillow, third image bottom left is featuring the seat with the footrest extended out so you can see the footrest extension, fourth image is of the hand control.

Buying a Pride Mobility power lift recliner is a big decision. First, you’re bringing home an FDA Category II Medical Device. That brings a series of choices including size and functionality to meet your needs. You’re also selecting a new piece of furniture. With that you have decor, style and fabric to consider.

Pride Mobility delivers top-of-the-line medical devices that double as beautiful recliners. Our array of power lift recliners fit any style from classic to contemporary. No matter your style, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re matching an existing aesthetic or building your style around a new recliner, the basic fabric comes into play pretty quickly. Do you want a leather look or fabric upholstery? Let’s check out the options.

Faux Leather Power Lift Recliners

First, we should address the absence of genuine leather in our lineup. As medical device manufacturers, we take cleanliness seriously. Real leather can’t stand up to regular cleaning the way our synthetic materials can. In fact, we offer fabrics that maintain their leather look and feel even after frequent cleanings.

Within the faux leather category, we have an exciting range of options from the stately leather recliner look to comfy synthetic suede.


UltraLeather has a polyurethane surface with a 100% rayon backing that beautifully mimics the finest premium leather. The Ultrafabrics Inc. faux leather is luxurious to the touch and the eyes. It’s made with layers of grain that present an authentic look with top notch texture and depth.

UltraLeather also solves an age-old problem with leather and vinyl fabrics. It is resistant to temperature changes. So depending on the time of year, you’re freed from a hot, sweaty seat or a chilly one. Along with comfort, UltraLeather delivers an antimicrobial surface that is designed for frequent soap and water cleanings.

You can choose UltraLeather fabric on the following power lift recliner models: VivaLift! Escape, Oasis Collection, Infinity Collection and Heritage Collection.

The Escape comes in buff or fudge color, while the other three have additional options of charcoal, garnet and pecan.


Sta-Kleen Performance Fabric is as durable as it is stunning. It looks like a classic faux leather, but performs like a top-level stain-resistant fabric. This 100% polyurethane material is antimicrobial as well as stain and fade resistant.

Sta-Kleen is an available option for the Oasis Collection, Infinity Collection and Heritage Collection. You can select from black, burgundy, chestnut or mushroom.


Badlands is the standard fabric for the VivaLift! Elegance, VivaLift! Atlas and VivaLift! Atlas Plus collections. It has a tight grain appearance and a slight shine. It is made from 98% polyester and 2% polyurethane. Badlands fabric is available in mushroom, steel and walnut.


The VivaLift! Tranquil collection delivers a soft, textured leather appearance via the exquisite Astro fabric. This 100% polyester material comes in brown, grey and mushroom.


Canyon is the standard faux leather on the VivaLift! Radiance Collection. Radiance has three heating pads — at the shoulder, lumbar and seat — so the temperature control you get from 100% polyester is essential. This classic recliner has an overstuffed look with pronounced stitching. Canyon fabric comes in ocean, silt, steel and walnut.


VivaLift! Urbana is the lone collection with standard stonewash fabric. Stonewash has a suede finish and a slightly different color palette with mossy, gunmetal and granite. This plushy power lift recliner has 100% polyester fabric.

Fabric Upholstered Power Lift Recliners

Faux leather and suede isn’t for everyone. A soft woven fabric can provide the look and comfort you’re looking for. Just like our leather-like upholstery, the fabric side of the coin has a good selection to choose from. Check out the features and colors below.


Crypton Super Fabrics are the ultimate in stain defense. This patented polyester fabric is odor, spill, stain and bacteria-resistant. Spills won’t spoil your day. The fabric can easily be wiped clean. Don’t take our word for it. Crypton stands by their product, offering a five-year warranty on the moisture barrier.

This versatile and comfortable fabric is an upgrade for the following models: Oasis Collection, Infinity Collection, Heritage Collection. The color options for these collections include: cool grey, espresso, red and sand.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 fabric has a distinguished texture and a heavy weave pattern. This easy-to-clean, 100% polyester fabric comes standard on the Essential and Heritage collections. Our most versatile fabric comes in walnut, stone, pacific and cherry.

If you need the XXL Heritage model, your Cloud 9 fabric options are limited to stone and walnut.


The Oasis Collection has several fabric upgrade options, including UltraLeather. Saratoga — the line’s standard fabric — is a plush medium weave. Saratoga fabrics are available in an appealing set of colors including cashmere, charcoal, eggplant, godiva and navy.


Saville is your best option if a tightly weaved fabric with a near velvet feel is your preference. This 100% polyester fabric comes standard on the VivaLift! Legacy and VivaLift! Metro.

The Legacy is an elegant and cozy recliner chair, available in brown, grey and wine.

The Metro has a modern, streamlined design, which is available in brown and grey.

Check out the Fabric Guide

If you’ve already locked in the lift chair you want based on your need, the power lift recliner fabrics guide is a great resource. It has a complete list of fabrics and colors organized by collection.

Find a Pride Mobility Dealer

Pride Mobility providers stock our power lift recliners. They are also very knowledgeable about our product lines. Visit a dealer to purchase a recliner or get more information. You can use the Find a Dealer feature on our website to locate a provider in your area. You can also check out our list of online retailers at the bottom of the dealer locator page. They provide the same quality and expertise as our brick and mortar dealers.

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