Lithium Battery vs. 9 Volt

When it comes to backup power, not all batteries are created equally. There is a clear difference in longevity, usage, and quality for batteries. When it comes to using a battery as a backup form of power for your power lift recliner, it’s important to take into consideration how many times you might need to use that if you live in an area that is prone to outages. A lithium battery may just be what you are looking for.

What is a Lithium Battery?

Lithium batteries were typically used in small types of electronics so your cell phones, tablets, cameras, etc. Today you can find lithium batteries in larger things such as boats, vehicles, power packs, and solar energy storage just to name a few. They are made of four main parts:


This is the part of the battery that dictates your battery’s capacity and voltage. This is especially important when you are looking at what kind of transformer you are using with your battery. If you have questions please be sure to discuss that with a friendly Pride Mobility Customer Service Representative.


This is the part of the battery that lets the current flow through the battery.


This is essentially the space between the anode and cathode that’s made up of additives, solvents, and salts that allow your ions to flow and travel between the cathode and anode.


This part of a lithium battery is an actual wall that keeps the cathode and anode separated in the battery. 

Why are Lithium Batteries Better?

Lithium batteries are typically better than traditional 9v alkaline batteries for a few reasons. These are all factors to consider when you are looking for a battery that is reliable and will fit your needs. As always, ensure the best battery for your power lift recliner will be determined by the manufacturer.


Lithium batteries are created to last longer when being used. Compared to a traditional 9v battery in a power lift recliner, you will be able to utilize your lithium battery backup several times before it is fully discharged. Whereas with a regular 9v alkaline battery if you use the backup one time it may deplete the battery.


Once your chair is plugged and power is restored, the battery is going to begin to recharge. In contrast to a traditional battery like a 9v cannot be recharged. Typically when you utilize a 9v battery backup on a power lift recliner, it will give you one full lift and then you will need to replace the battery.

What Chairs Are Compatible with a Lithium Battery?

You can get a backup lithium battery standard on every model of the VivaLift® Power Lift Recliner. They are optional on the Oasis, Infinity, and Heritage Collections too. 

How do You Get a Power Lift Recliner with Lithium Battery Backup?

If you’re ready to move forward and find a power lift recliner that fits your lifestyle and you want to explore your options for a premium lithium battery backup it’s a very easy process. Visit our dealer locator to find a dealer online or near you here

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