How to Get the Most Out of Your Lift Chair

How to Get the Most Out of Your Lift Chair Is there anything more enticing than a comfortable lift chair? As a matter of fact, there is: A lift chair that caters to your every need and lasts. When you take the time to learn about, care for and make the most of your liftContinue reading “How to Get the Most Out of Your Lift Chair”

True Infinite Position

What is True Infinite Position? Different Pride Mobility power lift recliners offer a range of positioning features. The most versatile among them are those with true infinite position capabilities. With these power lift chairs you can independently operate the seat, lumbar and shoulder support. These chairs were meticulously engineered to give the user a comfortableContinue reading “True Infinite Position”

Where is the Serial Number on a Pride Mobility Power Lift Recliner

Each Pride Mobility power lift recliner has a 14-character serial number. This number identifies your specific chair. To register your power lift recliner warranty, you need the serial number. The serial number is useful anytime your recliner needs repairs or replacement parts. The serial number and model number are printed on a white sticker. TheContinue reading “Where is the Serial Number on a Pride Mobility Power Lift Recliner”

Power Lift Recliners for Tall People

At Pride Mobility, we make devices for all body types. Inside our stable, we have power lift recliners designed for people under 5 feet 3 inches and above 6 feet tall. The tall and lanky among us no longer have to crunch up in tiny chairs or watch their legs hang off the footrest atContinue reading “Power Lift Recliners for Tall People”

Lithium Battery vs. 9 Volt

When it comes to backup power, not all batteries are created equally. There is a clear difference in longevity, usage, and quality for batteries. When it comes to using a battery as a backup form of power for your power lift recliner, it’s important to take into consideration how many times you might need toContinue reading “Lithium Battery vs. 9 Volt”

Features and Benefits of Lift Chairs

After a long day of work, all you can think about is relaxing. You think about sinking into your favorite piece of furniture, turning on the TV or pulling out a good book and getting lost in what you’re doing, without a care in the world. It can be difficult to find that perfect additionContinue reading “Features and Benefits of Lift Chairs”


EXETER, PA – Pride Mobility Products® is pleased to announce the launch of the VivaLIFT!® Infinity Collection 525iM, an industry-first true infinite position, 4-motor power lift recliner, the most advanced Made-in-the-USA PLR to date. The VivaLIFT! Infinity Collection 525iM offers an exceptional number of power-adjustable positions, including trendelenburg, headrest, lumbar, backrest, footrest, and lift. With 4-motorContinue reading “PRIDE® LAUNCHES INDUSTRY-FIRST 4-MOTOR VivaLIFT!® POWER LIFT RECLINER”

VivaLIFT!™ Power Recliners to Debut at Medtrade

EXETER, PA – Pride® Mobility is pleased to introduce its VivaLIFT!™ brand of power lift recliners in booth 1911 at Medtrade Fall 2017 in Atlanta, Oct. 23-25. VivaLIFT! is a new “lifestyle” collection of power lift recliners featuring a variety of innovative features and fashion-forward designs for broader consumer appeal, along with industry-leading provider pricing to support theirContinue reading “VivaLIFT!™ Power Recliners to Debut at Medtrade”


EXETER, PA – December 1, 2015 – Pride Mobility Products® Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the newest luxury edition to the Pride® Infinity Collection Lift Chair line, the Oasis. The genesis of the Oasis is body-conforming comfort. The premium form of the Oasis begins with an overstuffed biscuit back that leads toContinue reading “PRIDE MOBILITY LAUNCHES ULTRA-LUXURIOUS OASIS LIFT CHAIR”