Nosy Neighbor

You know you have one. Maybe you have more than one? We ALL have at least one. That stereotypical “nosy neighbor” who lifts their blinds to peek through the window if they hear a delivery truck dropping off a package at the neighbor’s house. This leads to telling the story of OUR “nosy neighbor,” Doris. She tries her very best to mind her own business, or does she?

Our story begins with Doris’ neighbor, Claire, who was having her brand new VivaLift!® Atlas Plus Power Recliner delivered. And, for those who don’t know it yet, the VivaLift! line of power recliners ARE the most comfortable recliners in the world; and let me tell you something, Doris knows. It all began that day while Doris and her husband, Howard, sat in their living room reading the daily paper when Doris suddenly heard the rambunctious large truck across the street. She grabbed her trusty binoculars from the side table by the window, slid the curtain back, and began to peer outside in wonder at Claire’s house.

Doris noticed two delivery men carrying a wrapped item in brown paper that looked a lot like a chair.
As she called out to Howard, “There’s something going on at Gary and Claire’s,” she began dreaming up a way to just “happen by” Claire’s house in a “neighborly way” to find out what was beneath the brown wrapping.

Dressed to the nines, Doris stood at Claire’s door with Jell-O in-hand. Claire opened the door; “Doris?” Claire said in a surprised, yet confused tone. As Doris smiled up at Claire, she slyly looked beyond Claire to finally see the hidden treasure that had been beneath the brown wrapping. “Ahhhhh,” went the angelic sound in Doris’ brain when she laid eyes on that beauty. There it was, The VivaLift!, Atlas Plus: The Most Comfortable Recliner in the World!

One of the first things she noticed was the ultra-premium fabric with stylish contrasting stitching. She knew right away it would match her décor and she HAD to have her own VivaLift!. As Doris looked closer, she got a glimpse of the USB charger-port in the chair remote – her phone and tablet would never be without a charge ever again! Doris couldn’t believe her eyes; she knew this chair could do it all, but THIS much? Power headrest, backrest, lumbar, and a footrest with extension. “Incredible!” she thought. Doris then realized this VivaLift! also had one hide-away armrest with a built-in cup holder on one side and one hide-away armrest with a phone charger on the other! “That will surely come in handy for Howard while he is watching the game!” she thought. On her way home, Doris realized she must convince Howard that they needed the fantastic VivaLift! Atlas Plus.

Go beyond being a “nosy neighbor,” and become a proud owner of The Most Comfortable Recliner in the World. GET YOUR OWN.

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