Stealthy Daydreamer

Behind every nosy neighbor is one amazing daydreamer. Well…, that may not be exactly how the saying goes but, bear with me while I fill you in on our daydreamer, Howard. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you just might know the type I am talking about. Howard is the type of daydreamer that is always thinking of crafty ways of how to get away with something, but only in his mind.

Without further adieu, meet Howard, our stealthy daydreamer. Newspaper reading, sports watching, man of very few words – husband of our nosy neighbor Doris. Howard spends countless hours each day drumming up reasons he could just waltz over to Gary and Claire’s house to sneak a peek of that amazing new VivaLift!® power recliner.

One day while out on a stroll, Howard decided to walk across the street and sneak-a-peek into Gary and Claire’s living room window to get a little glimpse of that VivaLift! power recliner. As Howard stood there outside the large window, his mind started to wander, and he began to daydream. He quickly became the “stealthy daydreamer,” scheming a way to “get into” Gary and Claire’s house to finally sit in that VivaLift!. All he could dream about was sinking into the luxurious fabric, grabbing the USB controller and easing back in the recline position, with the extended footrest all the way out!

*FDA Class II Medical Device

*Pride FDA Class II Medical Devices Are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments

Howard’s daydream didn’t end there – he continued dreaming about how comfortable he would feel with the power lumbar and power headrest. “Wait a minute”, he thought. “If the power were to go out, would I be able to get up from my reclining position?” Whew… he remembered the VivaLift! power recliner came with lithium battery backup, ensuring the recliner could operate even if the power went out.

How does this “stealthy daydreamer’s” daydream end?

Watch in the video above! Then, check out where to buy one. Go beyond being just a “stealthy daydreamer” and become a proud owner of The Most Comfortable Recliner in the World. What are you waiting for? GET YOUR OWN.

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