How to Clean Your Power Lift Recliner

Power lift recliners are sophisticated pieces of equipment. In order to ensure that your power lift recliner gives you trouble-free performance, it requires routine maintenance checks. While you can perform some of these checks yourself, you may need to schedule some maintenance checks with your provider.

Cleaning Fabric on Lift Chairs

Whether you are the proud owner of a VivaLift® Power Lift Recliner or a Pride® Power Lift Recliner, the fabric covering your lift chair is very durable for everyday living. It is easier to maintain the condition of the fabric on your lift chair by performing routine inspections on your lift recliner. We recommend that you inspect the fabric on a regular basis for any pulls, tears or gaps. We also understand that accidents happen and that they can result in the fabric being stained. Before cleaning your lift chair, consult your provider for cleaning codes. It is important to know which methods to use to clean the fabric on your chair, as there are different types of fabric that come with each model.

There are a couple of ways that you can clean your lift chair. One of them is cleaning with only water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner. Be mindful not to over wet/saturate the fabric. It is important to always check a small spot of fabric in an area that is unseen to be sure the cleaning agent being used will not discolor or fade the fabric’s finishing before you start to clean the fabric.

For tough spots, do not use solvents unless specified by your provider. Instead, lightly scrub with a left to right motion, rather than in a circular motion, as scrubbing in a circular motion can leave a circular ring when dry. When finished, let the fabric on your power lift recliner air dry and vacuum for best results.

Another way you can clean your lift chair is by purchasing the Power Lift Recliner Cleaning Kit from Crypton Aria® Super Fabrics. This kit includes three different solutions to remove stains and a disinfectant/deodorizer to prevent mold and mildew. This kit does not use bleach. Contact your local provider to purchase this cleaning kit.

*FDA Class II Medical Device

*Pride FDA Class II Medical Devices Are designed to aid individuals with mobility impairments

Keep your lift chair out of direct sunlight and away from any type of heat source such as space heaters or lit tobacco products. Although the chair has passed the necessary testing requirements for smoking lit tobacco products, fabrics that come into direct contact with heat sources may result in fire damage or personal injury.

Cleaning Lift Chair Electronics

In caring for your power lift recliner’s electronics, keep all electronics free from moisture and temperature extremes. Lift chairs are intended for indoor use only. Although the lift chair has passed the necessary testing requirements for ingress of liquids, you should keep electrical connections and the external transformer away from sources of dampness, including direct exposure to water or bodily fluids and incontinence.

If the external transformer box or hand control requires cleaning, unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet and use a clean, dry cloth or lightly dampened cloth. Allow ample drying time before plugging the power cord back into the electrical outlet.

Regular maintenance checks for the electronics of your lift chair include:

  • Inspecting all wiring harnesses to make sure they are not damaged or frayed. If there is damage present, unplug the chair and contact your provider for service
  • Checking electrical components frequently for signs of corrosion and replace as necessary. The external transformer should always be positioned so that the product specification information/name plate faces down. Improper placement may result in product or property damage

For more information on care and maintenance for your power lift recliner, you can refer to the “Care and Maintenance” section in your lift chair’s owner’s manual, or you can visit our Resources and Support page to find an electronic copy of the owner’s manual online, available for download.

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