Top 5 Power Lift Recliner Accessories to Receive as a Gift

Power lift chair accessories on a 2x4 grid starting top left: first up technology, heat and massage, cleaning kit, and gray leg levelers. Second row starting at left: headrest pillow, lumbar pillow, bolster pillow, and lithium battery backup.

Ho-Ho-hold on to your Santa hats. It’s time for a Pride Mobility gift guide. Today, we’re breaking down the top five accessories for our power lift recliners. Our extensive collection of power lift chairs comes packed with features that promote comfort and convenience.

We also offer a slate of power lift recliner accessories that are exclusively manufactured for our products. Our accessories are little add-ons that will bump your experience to a whole new level. Since they’re made for our power lift recliners, the specifications are exact. You won’t need to worry that the wireless remote you got for Christmas isn’t compatible or that the leg levelers will make your recliner anything but level.

Gather ‘round the sleigh. Let’s see what power lift recliner accessories ol’ Kris Kringle packed in his bags.

1. Peace of Mind and On Earth

Peace of mind is one of the greatest gifts you can receive and that’s what we had in mind when we created the lithium battery backup.

If you’ve been good this year, Santa might just leave a power lithium battery backup. The upgraded battery backup does everything the standard battery back up does, but better!

The lithium battery back up is standard on our VivaLift!® power lift recliners and available as an option on our Infinity, Oasis, and Heritage Collections.

2. Stability Comes Standard with Leg Levelers

No one appreciates the Pride Mobility non-skid leg levelers more than someone with uneven floors. A kit comes with four metal levelers that screw into the matching holes on the bottom of your power lift recliner. They lock in perfectly, granting you the stability you demand at the end of a full day. The non-skid pads will also increase your security as they hold steady when the chair reclines.

3. Keep it Clean this Holiday Season

When it arrived, fresh from a Pride Mobility provider, your power lift recliner was clean and pristine. Today, the smudges and smells of everyday use have crept in. With a Crypton Cleaning Kit in your stocking, you can restore your recliner to its day-one glory. Each kit comes with a gentle disinfectant, stain removers and a brush.

4. Rest Your Head on the Perfect Pillow

Accessories like the plush-filled head pillow are the difference between a good experience and a great one. It’s the perfect combination of  support and comfort. When you find that added touch of comfort under the tree, you will jollier than that man in the red suit. This pillow will also enhance your decor as it comes in a range of colors and fabrics to match your Pride Mobility power lift recliner.

5. Pride’s Got Your Back

Lower back pain sufferers know too well the importance of lumbar support. If you’ve experienced lower back issues, the gift of a lumbar pillow would be a welcomed relief. The rolled, plush pillow gives the user support and assistance maintaining good posture. It’s moveable, so you can get the positioning just right. Just like our head pillow, the lumbar support is available in different colors and fabrics. You can maintain your elegant look with added comfort, a holiday two-for-one special rivaled only by Black Friday deals.

Where Do I Buy Power Lift Recliner Accessories?

The accessories listed above are all available at our Pride Mobility providers across the country. Find a Pride Mobility Dealer or visit one online.

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