Best Practices for Battery Life

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10 Best Practices for Mobility Device Batteries

If you want your mobility scooter or power wheelchair batteries to last as long as they can, you can do a few things to dramatically extend their lifespan. Battery maintenance best practices are different for sealed lead acid, or SLA, batteries and lithium-ion batteries.

Pride Mobility devices use both SLA and lithium-ion batteries.

5 tips to extend your SLA battery life

SLA batteries are most commonly used in Pride Mobility devices. They resemble car batteries. According to experts, use the following tricks to help your SLA batteries last longer.

1. Charge up your SLA battery after each use

If you’re a daily rider, plug in your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair after each use. This not only ensures you have a full battery for the next day, it also helps extend your battery life.

2. Never store empty SLA batteries

If you’re going to park your scooter or power wheelchair for a few weeks or months, make sure you start by charging your battery to full capacity. Every two weeks, plug it in to top it off.

3. Use the right charger for your SLA battery

Just because the charger fits, it doesn’t mean that’s the right one for your battery. Make sure your charger voltage matches the battery. Overcharging — or using a charger with greater voltage than your battery specs — can lead to overheating and ruin your battery completely.

Likewise, undercharging — using a charger with a lower voltage — will put undue strain on your battery and lead to faster deterioration.

4. Disconnect the charger when your SLA battery is fully charged

This seems like a no-brainer. Once your battery is fully charged, disconnect the charger. At the very most, disconnect your charger after 24 hours.

5. Avoid extreme temperatures

Believe it or not, the temperature of the room you charge your device in matters. At low temperatures, batteries don’t charge as efficiently. At higher temperatures, charging gets so efficient that it threatens to heat up and damage the battery.

Ideal charging room temperatures for SLA batteries are between 50 degrees and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can destroy your battery, or cause permanent damage, by letting it freeze.

The extreme temperature warning doesn’t just apply to charging. Avoid very cold and very warm temperatures when storing your SLA battery, too.

5 tips to extend your lithium-ion battery life

1. Avoid running your lithium-ion battery completely dry

Lithium-ion batteries that never completely deplete last longer because they never complete a full discharge cycle.

For example, if you only use half of your battery in a day before recharging, you could potentially double the number of charging cycles you get out of a single battery. 

2. Don’t let your lithium-ion battery reach 100% charge

Just like depleting the battery causes undue stress, so does keeping at 100% for prolonged periods.

The best way, experts say, to prevent full charge is to disconnect the charger at 80%.  Some smart devices slow charging near 100% automatically. 

3. Don’t use generic rapid chargers for lithium-ion batteries

Just like electric vehicles and personal devices, fast charging your lithium-ion battery is hard on it, and leads to faster deterioration.

Standard chargers don’t wear so hard on the battery. Good news, the charger you received with your Pride Mobility lithium-ion device will charge the battery at the optimal rate to preserve battery life. We always recommend using the original charger that came with the mobility scooter or electric wheelchair.

4. Store your lithium-ion battery at less than half

If you’re storing your lithium-ion battery for prolonged periods, keep the charge at 40% or as close as you can to that.

Lithium-ion batteries are under the least amount of stress at this level of charge.

5. Don’t charge or store your lithium-ion battery below freezing

Lithium-ion batteries don’t actually charge below 32 degrees. In the same vein, you shouldn’t store lithium-ion batteries below freezing either. So if you keep your scooter in a shed during the winter, pull the battery and keep it inside.

Like with with SLA batteries, storing or using lithium batteries in extra warm temperatures also speeds up degradation.

Takeaways about prolonging SLA and lithium-ion batteries

Both SLA and lithium-ion batteries don’t like to be fully discharged. And while it’s OK to top off SLA batteries, lithium-ion batteries should not be fully charged at 100%.

You may not notice improved battery’s performance right away, but over time and the life of your device, it can provide significant benefits.

Your batteries will last longer and work better with a little extra attention to how they are stored and charged.

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    1. Hi Richard! We’re sorry, but we do not have any conversion kits to make a 3 wheel scooter into a 4 wheel model. Please let us know if you have any other questions we can help with 🙂

  1. Thank you. I have had my my Pride Scooter model # SC336) for a few years because of its Heaviest piece eating only 27 lbs. I live in a walkup. So much a help it’s been I bought a 2nd one. The one that’s out of warranty I wish to switch to the Lifroro4 battery. I use my scooter 18 moles a day toting a batteries. Is there any chance you will make a scooter as light or lighter than travrl pro with lighter batteries for us people who live in urban areas like NYC

    1. Hi Hunt! Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us on here. You gave us some really good and insightful information on what you would find valuable in a scooter. We’re always looking to innovate and create products with you in mind. Please keep an eye on our site and feel free to sign up for our newsletters to see upcoming product launches 🙂

      1. Sad that Pride refuses to endorse Li-PO technology. The batteries and adapters are available from some retailers online. Li-po can nearly double cruising distance and are far lighter. Restricting offerings to guard profits is a very outdated business model, as is poor service on customer machines.

  2. I would like to replace my SLA batteries with Lithium-Ion. I have a 40E. Elite Traveller. Is it possible to replace my SLA batteries

  3. I’m from florida my battery lasts days with continuous use but I’m visiting Ireland and it’s very cold here my battery lasts about an hour! Is there something else I should be doing? Can I wrap the battery to keep it warm?

  4. I have a manual on my go chair & it reads total different from what I read here. The manual said to deep charge your batterys once a month for 48 hours in here U say to unplug when fully charged. Which is it? Also my manual makes a big deal about having the chair hooked to the charger 1st then plug it into the wall I mean does it really make a difference?

    1. Hi David! We’ll be happy to verify this information for you. What manual copy do you have? There should also be a date printed on one of the covers in small print so we know what timeframe it was from.

  5. My Pride Gogo elite sports scooter battery doesn’t seems to go the distance even though it’s fully charged. I only travel 2.5 miles and the green distance indicator has lost 2-3 icons which tells me that the battery is running low. I was told the scooter would travel 12 miles without further charging. It’s only 4 months old.

  6. We have 4 wheel go go that’s about 14 months old. When I go to charge it after a few minutes the green light on the charger begins to blink. I unplug it, put it back in place, the green lights are all full at this time. Go to use the scooter right away, within 5 minutes or so, it’s now down 2 greens. Any idea?

  7. I have been approved for a pride or jazzy scooter by Medicare and blue cross/blue shield . I can’t get anybody to help me order it. What do I do in the 74953 area?
    Larry Vickers. 918-413-7124

  8. Hi I’m doing a favor for a little old lady that’s a neighbor of mine. She has a Jazzy Elite ES-1 for less than a year . When It’s put to charge after about a hour, the green light on the charger begins to blink. I unplug it from the wall first and the meter shows a full charge . I checked the voltage and it charges to about 26.8 volts.
    Once it’s in use, the charge lasts for almost 20 minutes or so and the charge drops down to about 19 volts
    Help me help this lady

  9. I just purchased a gogo endurance Li with the 8ah battery pack. If I am not happy with the travel distance, can I purchase the 16ah batteries and install them in the 8ah battery pack?

    1. Hi Mike! Thank you very much for reaching out to us, and thank you for choosing one of our Go Go Endurance scooters! 🙂

      Regarding the battery pack you can absolutely upgrade to that 16 AH batteries, they will come with a new pack.

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