What kinds of recliner chairs does Pride Mobility offer?

Woman reclined in a brown power lift reclinier in her living room.

What Kinds of Recliner Chairs Does Pride Mobility Offer?

Pride Mobility offers recliner chairs to fit everyone’s mobility needs and style requirements. You can find the right size chair with the right features that elevates your home decor. America’s No. 1 lift recliner brand is saving you a seat.

Our meticulously designed power lift recliners are — above all — FDA Class II Medical Devices. These chairs are designed for people who would otherwise not be able to get in or out of their recliner. They’re also loaded with features like infinite positioning, heat and massage that can ease the aches of everyday life.

At this point, alarm bells might be going off. The words “medical equipment” usually suggest drab and clinical. 

Let’s change the story. We’re building devices you’d be proud to decorate your home with. Pride Mobility recliner chairs are as eye-catching as anything you’ll see in a furniture store showroom.

Now that we’ve established that our recliners are functional and fashionable — peak-performing and pretty — let’s look closer at some specific models.

Pride Recliner Chairs by Size

Turns out, a huge plushy chair isn’t ideal for everyone. A chair that is too long — or too short for that matter — will become uncomfortable after a lengthy sitting session. Pride Mobility makes chairs in a range of sizes with specific height ranges.

Tall Recliner Chairs

Our tall recliner chairs are designed for people above 5 feet 10 inches tall. The VivaLift! Radiance – PLR-3955LT has our highest height range, beginning at 6 feet tall. The VivaLift! Radiance has a 400-pound weight capacity.

Lean back in this comfortable recliner and prepare to be wowed. The Radiance gets its name from the class-leading trio of heating pads. Use the remote control to find the right position and then fire up the ache-melting heat feature.

The VivaLift! Radiance is available in four sizes.

Medium Recliner Chairs

If — like goldilocks — you’re looking for a power chair that is right down the middle, our range of medium recliner chairs are for you. Let’s focus on the Heritage Collection – LC-358, Pride Mobility’s No. 1 selling collection of power lift chairs.

With six different sizes, the Heritage Collection is fit for everyone from big daddy bear to tiny baby bear. The suggested height range for the medium chair is between 5 feet 4 inches and 5 feet 9 inches.

The Heritage Collection is available in a wide variety of fabrics and colors. With this recliner chair, you’ll be sitting pretty and pretty comfortable. That’s a hard combination to beat.

Small Recliner Chairs

Small recliner chairs are typically made for folks shorter than 5 feet 3 inches. Our petite power lift chairs ensure that people with smaller frames can sit comfortably with their legs extended beyond the end of the outstretched footrest.

The seat of the small VivaLift! Tranquil – PLR-935S is 20 inches wide and 18.5 inches deep. The Tranquil has infinite positioning, which allows you to perfectly position your body for maximum relaxation.

Fashion Forward Recliner Chairs

For many, their home is a reflection of their style and aesthetic. The decor-conscious like options and Pride Mobility delivers.

The Infinity Collection is available in four material options — from tightly-woven, easy-to-clean fabric to elegant faux leather. Within the fabrics available, there are 17 colors to choose from.

Anchor your office with a deep brown fudge Ultrafabrics Ultraleather or enhance your living room with rich red Crypton super fabric.

Comfortable Recliner Chairs

Comfort is king for a lot of recliner shoppers. While we don’t have any fluffy clouds or overstuffed bean bag chairs, we do have the Elegance Collection.

You’ll effortlessly sink into the total comfort seating, feeling enveloped in the plush, faux leather armrest and backrest.

Use the USB remote to adjust the footrest extension as well as the independent power lumbar, power backrest and power headrest. The remote also has a USB charger for your cell phone, allowing you to juice up your phone while recharging your own batteries.

Find a Pride Dealer

Pride Mobility providers are our network of certified dealers, scattered across the country. Visit a brick and mortar store to purchase a recliner chair. Our providers also hold tons of knowledge. Give them a visit, ask some questions and, of course, test out your new recliner.

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