Delta Tiller and other ergonomic features

What ergonomic features are on my mobility scooter?

At Pride Mobility, our engineers design every device with the rider’s comfort, convenience and safety in mind. It’s an actual science. Ergonomics focuses on designing things so people can interact with them effectively and in ways that promote wellbeing.

The five aspects of ergonomics are safety, comfort, ease of use, performance and aesthetics. Those principles can be found in all of our mobility scooters. One of the ways we do this is by providing a customizable experience. You’ll never have to squeeze into a tight space or overextend your arms to operate your scooter. These design features are adaptable to your needs and ensure a comfortable and efficient ride.

Describe the Delta Tiller

Most Pride Mobility and Go-Go Travel scooters are equipped with a delta tiller. Instead of a standard handle, where two bars extend from the console, the delta tiller has a wraparound handle. Each side has a broad, half-oval shaped handle. This provides options for the driver. You can grab the handle closest to you — much like a standard setup — or you can hold the second set of handles and rest your wrists on the front. The scooter can also be steered holding the sides of the handlebar.

The ergonomic design of the delta tiller is perfect for those with limited dexterity or hand strength. The versatility doesn’t end with hand placement. Our delta tillers have two throttle control levers, allowing the rider to choose the most comfortable position for them.

Depending on your ability and preference, you can use your left thumb to push the throttle control on the left to move forward. You could also use your right hand to pull back on the right side throttle. To reverse, you can pull back with your left side throttle control with your left fingers or use the right thumb to push the right side throttle.

Regardless of the throttle control you use, the delta tiller is ultra-responsive. It can be operated with just one hand. The wraparound handle design helps you maintain a neutral posture, one of the signatures of ergonomics. With your arms bent at the elbows and extended to the handles, your arms are in a neutral position. A handlebar that forces you to lift your arms in the air, as if riding a motorcycle, is an unsustainable, awkward position.

The adjustable seat allows you to position your body in the most comfortable, natural position to reach and operate the delta tiller.

Adjustable seat

The ability to customize the seat, armrests and handlebar position are all part of ergonomic design. Those adjustments make the scooter work for you, instead of the other way around.

How to adjust mobility scooter seat

Follow these instructions to adjust the height of your Go-Go Travel scooter.

1. Remove the seat and battery pack from your scooter. Set aside.
2. Use the attached ring to pull and remove the detent pin from the lower seat post. 3. Raise or lower the upper seat post to the desired seat height.
4. While holding the upper seat post at that height, align the adjustment holes of the upper and lower seat posts.
5. Fully insert the detent pin.
6. Return the battery pack and seat to their original locations.

How to adjust mobility scooter armrests

Now that your seat is in the right position, let’s take a look at your armrests. The width of the armrest can be adjusted in or out to fit your needs.

1. Loosen the armrest adjustment knobs.
2. Use the attached ring to pull and remove the detent pins.
3. Slide the armrests in or out to the desired width.
4. Align the adjustment holes on the seat frame and armrest, then reinsert the detent pins.
5. Tighten the armrest adjustment knobs.

Swivel-mount seat makes getting on and off your scooter easier

One of the most ergonomically sound design features on Pride Mobility scooters is the swivel mounted seat. With the pull of one lever, you can move the seat 90 degrees in either direction from the center position. You can get in and out of the seat from the ground and swivel it into driving position.

The swivel feature comes in particularly handy for people who need extra help with flexibility or balance to step off the scooter from the deck.

The swivel also lets you stay on your scooter at the table. Simply position your scooter parallel to your spot, pivot the seat and just like that, you’re sitting straight on at the table.

Follow these instructions to get on your Pride Mobility scooter.

1. Stand at the side of your scooter.
2. Disengage the seat rotation lever and rotate the seat until it is facing you.
3. Make sure that the seat is secured into position.
4. Position yourself in the seat.
5. Disengage the seat rotation lever and rotate the seat until you are facing forward.
6. Confirm that the seat is secured into position.
7. Place feet safely on the floorboard.

Follow these instructions to disembark your Pride Mobility scooter.

1. Disengage the seat rotation lever.
2. Rotate the seat until you are facing toward the side of your scooter.
3. Make certain that the seat is secured into position.
4. Carefully and safely get out of the seat and stand to the side of your scooter.
5. You can leave the seat facing to the side to make boarding your scooter later easier.

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  1. Looking for price and dealers for pride mobility gogo elite 12 volt agm batteries.

    1. Hi William! We recommend reaching out to the original dealer of your scooter to see what their service options are. They will be able to work with our company and order any necessary parts needed to repair your scooter. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we hope you have a great day!

  2. probably need new batteries please advise re best price and seller. also need advice on best way to use scooter when batteries are powering down ……..all too fast………. do i go slow ;;;;;; do i go straight as possible…….. can get off and push but not for long or up hill. however does happen when batteries are getting older. can charge at shopping center for at least 1/2 hour (half hour) and have a coffee and hopefully get home!

  3. I despise the delta tiller gogo elite traveler plus. Why did you change them from straight handlebars?

    1. Hi Jay-Jay! Thank you for your question, we apologize for the delay but we found that this would be approx 1″- 1 1/8″ or 25.4 – 28.575 millimeter depending on the model itself.

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