How to upgrade your Go Go Scooter

Go Go Folding scooter upper left image is the seat, to the right is the full folding scooter folded up, and teh bottom left image is a close up of the tiller.

How to Upgrade Your Go Go Scooter

Our line of Go Go Travel scooters are built for folks on the move. They fold or disassemble in just a few steps for storage in your trunk or on an airplane.

For the most part, you’ll find everything you need for comfortable, all-day riding right out of the packaging.

But it’s the cream on top that makes life sweet. We like personalizing because it makes our things feel more like they’re ours. It’s why we put bumper stickers on our cars and hang fuzzy dice from the rear-view mirror.

Go Go mobility scooter riders upgrade batteries and accessorize their scooters for the same reasons everyone likes their airline seat upgraded to first class or their hotel room to the presidential suite.

Just because something’s good doesn’t mean we stop from making it better.

Beyonce once said, “Let me introduce you to some new things and upgrade you.” We’re taking a page from her book.

Experience the lithium-ion advantage

Lithium-ion batteries last longer, charge faster, weigh less and they may even give you a small speed boost.

The Go Go Endurance Li comes standard with a lithium-ion battery. The Go Go Folding Scooter has a lithium-ion battery as an option.

Go for a bigger battery

There are a few models in Pride Mobility’s scooter line that have upgraded battery options. A bigger battery typically means longer range, and that means the adventure doesn’t have to stop so soon!

The Go Go Elite Traveller® 3-wheel comes standard with a 12 AH hour battery pack but you can also expand your range and upgrade to the 18AH battery pack. You can do the same with the Go Go Elite Traveller® 4-wheel model too!

Accessorize your Go Go scooter

Find a ton of cool accessories on the scooter accessories section of Pride’s website and talk to your Pride dealer about them.

Pride makes extra and special storage for groceries, canes, oxygen tanks and cell phones. You can also find rearview mirrors and cup holders designed by Pride to fit your device.

Important note about after-market accessories, batteries and upgrades

If you’re planning to make mechanical changes, especially changing the battery type, it could void your warranty.

Pride Mobility does not provide support for equipment or upgrades you add to your device that isn’t made by Pride or installed by a Pride dealer.

When making upgrades to your Go Go scooter or any other Pride equipment, check with a dealer to know how it will affect your warranty.

Find a Pride Mobility Dealer

Our network of Pride Mobility Dealers are the experts on electric wheelchairs and their accessories. They can confirm that your wheelchair and accessory of choice are compatible and answer any questions you may have.

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