Jazzy® EVO 613 Series Batteries: U1 vs. Lithium-Ion

The Jazzy® EVO 613 series of power wheelchairs from Pride Mobility® are among the most powerful on the market, but they’re also among the narrowest and most maneuverable with a 22-inch-wide base, a 22-inch turning radius, and Active-Trac® suspension. This series is comprised of two models: Jazzy EVO 613, and Jazzy EVO 613Li. The differenceContinue reading “Jazzy® EVO 613 Series Batteries: U1 vs. Lithium-Ion”

How to upgrade your Go Go Scooter

How to Upgrade Your Go Go Scooter Our line of Go Go Travel scooters are built for folks on the move. They fold or disassemble in just a few steps for storage in your trunk or on an airplane. For the most part, you’ll find everything you need for comfortable, all-day riding right out ofContinue reading “How to upgrade your Go Go Scooter”