Meet the i-Go™ – Pride Mobility’s Newest Folding Mobility Scooter

image of a Pride Mobility iGo folding scooter in blue against a white background.

Pride Mobility continues to set the standard for performance and innovation with its newest folding mobility scooter: the iGo.  

Whether you’re a globetrotter or a champion errand-runner, the iGo has the maneuverability and portability you need to take the world by storm. This compact, lightweight scooter is as towable as a suitcase, making it the perfect everyday mobility companion.  

In this guide, we’re exploring everything you need to know about the iGo folding mobility scooter, including its folding capabilities, its impressive specs, its color variations and its optional accessories. We’re excited to share a snapshot of our best mobility scooter yet.  

iGo Portability 

Above all, the iGo folding mobility scooter is ultra-portable. What could that mean for your work travels, vacations and everyday adventures? Let’s explore the iGo’s portability in more detail.  

Folding and Stowing the iGo 

Feather-touch disassembly quickly separates the iGo base into two pieces, each weighing just over 30 pounds. Once it’s separated and the seat back is removed, this folding mobility scooter is less than 12 inches high — so it can fit under the bed in a cruise ship cabin, for instance.  

Users can also easily stow their folded iGo: 

  • In the luggage compartment of a long-range bus 
  • In front of their seat on a train 
  • Under their desk at work 
  • In the trunk of a taxi or Uber 
  • In the closet of a hotel room 

Simply put, the iGo’s space-efficient folding capabilities set it apart from the competition. Storing it is as simple as using it.  

Traveling with Your Mobility Scooter 

If you typically use a larger, less portable mobility scooter at home, the logistics of traveling with your primary scooter might keep you from taking your dream vacation.  

With the iGo, your travel fantasies can become reality. This is the mobility scooter for today’s traveler. Not only is it simple to fold and stow the iGo while you’re not using it, but it also offers other features that make it an exceptional travel companion, including: 

  • The USB charging port can recharge your smartphone while you’re exploring 
  • The perforated rear rubber tires provide peace of mind during long excursions 
  • The LED headlight is perfect for sightseeing trips after dark 
  • The iGo is also lightweight — both pieces of the iGo base weigh just over 30 pounds apiece (including battery weight). Plus, each piece is on wheels, making them easy to roll through the train station, the airport or even the office.  
  • You can even roll the iGo to the spot where you want to deploy it before unfolding. No need to navigate tight spaces after hopping into the seat.  

iGo Specs 

In addition to peak portability, the iGo also offers: 

  • Built-in under-seat storage 
  • An angle-adjustable, telescoping tiller 
  • A lit console 
  • A brushless motor 
  • An emergency brake 
  • Three-wheel design for optimal maneuverability 
  • A spring-loaded lithium-ion battery 
  • Spacious foot and passthrough room 

Essentially, you’re treated to a combination of luxury features (like the cushioned seat and USB port), portability (it offers lightweight and compact disassembly) and mobility innovation (the scooter’s regenerative braking and telescoping tiller).  

This makes the iGo the perfect scooter for the person with an active lifestyle who doesn’t want to sacrifice quality for convenience.  

iGo Color Options 

The iGo is available in four stylish, matte finishes: 

  • Black 
  • White 
  • Iceberg Blue 
  • Sugar Plum Pink 

While the tiller, wheels and seat cushion are black, the user’s color of choice will adorn the floor deck and seat back.  

If you frequently travel for business and you’re looking for a sleek aesthetic that will complement any business ensemble, a black or white scooter might be an ideal choice. If you favor bold colors, the blue and pink hues are sure to help you stand out from the crowd whether you’re waiting in line at a tiki bar or exploring a new city.  

iGo Accessories 

Standard accessories on the iGo include: 

  • Seat hooks for hanging bags or purses 
  • Under-seat storage 
  • A removable seat cushion 
  • A USB charging port 

But users can also add extra Pride Mobility-compatible accessories like: 

  • A rearview mirror 
  • Front and rear baskets 
  • A cell phone holder 
  • A cup holder 
  • A saddlebag 
  • A weather cover 
  • Armed services patches 

Keep in mind, if you add some of these accessories, they could impact the portability profile of your iGo scooter. Ask a Pride Mobility dealer about your accessories options.  

Experience the Capabilities of the iGo Folding Mobility Scooter from Pride Mobility 

The iGo folding mobility scooter represents the height of portability and innovation in mobility technologies, allowing you to live the life you want and enjoy the activities you love, no matter your mobility needs.  

At Pride Mobility, we strive to design all of our products with the user in mind. That’s why our mobility scooters and power lift chairs are built by people who actually use them. 

Explore our entire line of mobility scooters on our website, or visit a Pride Mobility dealer near you to see our products in person.

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