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Accessories make great mobility scooters and power chairs even better

We think Pride Mobility mobility scooters and power chairs come pretty well stacked with all the standard features most riders should need. But what good is a great product if you can’t customize it, right!?

That’s why, after finding the right mobility scooter to fit your body shape and lifestyle,  you have a dazzling array of add-ons to choose from to make your mobility experience just a bit more personal.

Since we supply our own accessories, exclusively manufactured for our products, you can be sure your cup holder, lap belt or rear basket will fit and work seamlessly with your Pride Mobility scooter or power chair.

We can break down our accessories into four categories (and let’s be honest – sorting accessories into categories is nearly as fun as putting them onto your scooter): adaptive, storage, convenience and safety. Let’s get started!

Adaptive accessories

You’ll find adaptive accessories primarily in our lineup of power wheelchairs. That’s because riders who spend most of their time seated in a mobility device more often choose power chairs for their comfort and controls. Power chair riders are also more likely to require other assistive technology.

Swing Away Leg Rests

Each Pride power wheelchair comes standard with a flip-up footplate. For a vast group of users, standard footplates work perfectly fine. But some may prefer the ease of use and positioning options in swing away leg rests.

Heel Loops

For riders who need a little extra help keeping their feet firmly planted on their foot rests, heel loops support their feet while still allowing them to flip up their foot rests when it’s time to disembark or climb aboard. 

Swing Away Joystick

A swing away joystick has two benefits. First, the typical fixed joystick extends beyond the typical armrest and therefore stands to bump into corners and furniture. Second, Not everyone has the same range of motion with their hands. An adjustable joystick lets the rider position their primary control mechanism where it’s easiest to use.

Storage accessories

This is the fun part. We know you’ve got a few things you just need to have within arm’s reach all the time, and we’ve got just the right storage accessories to customize your ride as you see fit.

Rear Basket

For the nomadic rider – grab an extra storage basket if you typically use your mobility scooter or power chair to go shopping. Pride scooters come standard with a front basket, but if you’ve got a full day of shopping planned, or need to pack a picnic lunch for an afternoon out with the grandkids, you might want a little extra storage space.

Saddle Bag

Keep your little essentials always close in a handy saddle bag. Dual pockets hang on either side of your Pride mobility scooter or power chair’s armrest. They’re perfect for a book, keys, newspaper and cell phone.

Cup Holder

An appropriate shout-out on account of today being National Beverage Day. Here’s the kind of cup holder you would expect from Pride. It flips up when not in use. Its strong clamp arms hold a variety of cup sizes firmly in place while you ride. Don’t settle for second rate, especially if you plan to use it to hold, you know, liquid. Get the real deal!

Cane and Walker Holders

Few riders stay exclusively seated in their mobility scooter or power chair. If you’re likely to get up and move every once in a while, but still need a little extra support when you do, keep your cane or walker firmly affixed to your ride while you go. That way it’ll be handy next time you need to step off.

Convenience accessories

Convenience accessories help you squeeze the most utility out of your mobility scooter or power chair.

USB Charger Plug

Many Pride scooters come standard with built in USB device chargers. For those that don’t, of course we’ve got the perfect fix. A USB to XLR plug connects to your scooter or power wheelchair’s battery charging port, and turns virtually any Pride scooter into a mobile charging station. Even if you typically charge up before heading out, you might want to keep one of these handy anyway just in case a friend isn’t so well prepared.

Battery Pack

Proper battery management ensures your battery is always ready to go, but luck favors the prepared. If you want an extra layer of assurance that your mobility scooter will always have the juice you need to keep going, keep an extra battery pack on standby. They’re available in 12 amp and 18 amp configurations.

Cell Phone Holder

Your mobility scooter or power chair transforms into a command center with your smartphone secured in front of you. Take phone calls, video chat with the grandkids, or even watch a movie handsfree with your phone planted right where you need it.

Safety accessories

While not nearly as exciting to talk about as phone holders and big baskets, these accessories ensure you’re safe and seen while riding.

Lap Belt

A practical addition for power wheelchair riders who need extra help keeping their balance or may otherwise be at risk of falling.

Rearview Mirror

If you have difficulty turning to see what’s behind you or even hearing loss, a rearview mirror may be an essential part of your rider safety plan. For others, a quick peak in the mirror is a super convenient way to stay alert and aware.

Safety Flag

It’s like putting a goofy smiley face on your car antenna – you always know where it is in the parking lot . Make sure your friends and loved ones can spot you in a crowd with a safety flag conveniently giving away your position.

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