Top 5 Mobility Scooter Accessories to Receive as a Gift

The freedom and independence you get from a Pride Mobility scooter is so alluring, Santa Claus may want to trade. After all, a reindeer-driven sleigh needs a lot more upkeep than plugging into the wall outlet every night. Despite Santa’s jealousy of your scooter, he still helped us with this gift guide.

Mobility scooter accessories make for wonderfully practical gifts. You will appreciate finding these gifts under the tree when you’re crushing your post-holiday errands.

We recommend you get your scooter accessories from a Pride Mobility provider, or straight Santa Claus (we shared the specifications with his elves). Pride accessories are manufactured just for us. They’re designed to fit and work seamlessly with your device.

Let’s see what accessories are available to improve your Pride Mobility scooter experience.

1. Keep Your Devices Powered with a USB Charger

You’re on hour four of a shopping excursion and the battery of your Pride Mobility electric scooter is still going strong. Your cell phone battery? Not so much. That problem became a thing of the past when you opened a XLR USB charger on Christmas morning.

The charger plugs into your scooter’s charging port. From there, plug in the USB end of your phone or tablet charging cord. The charger uses your scooter battery to refuel your mobile device. The Pride charger has a charging detection feature, which switches off once your phone is charged. This minimizes energy waste, allowing you to keep rolling through your busy day.

2. Salute to Service: Military Patches

We appreciate and respect all who have served in the U.S. military. That’s why we have patches that easily affix to the rear of our scooter chairs. Pride offers military patches for five of the military branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. Pride also has a Purple Heart patch for those wounded during service.

3. Lap Belt Provides Extra Safety

An optional lap belt provides an extra layer of safety for unexpected bumps in the road. Pride has two kinds of lap belts: a metal, tab-style positioning belt as well as a hook-and-loop fastener positioning belt. Scooter lap belts are sized in 10-inch increments from 50 inches to 90 inches so you can find the perfect fit.

4. Increase Your Vision with a Rearview Mirror

If much of your scooter use takes place in congested areas, a rearview mirror is a must-have gift. It takes the guesswork out of maneuvering into a parking spot or backing up in a confined space. The added safety of a rearview mirror is twofold. First, is the obvious increase in visibility. The second is it allows you to see what’s happening behind you without turning around. Craning your neck or twisting your back to make sure you’re clear to back up is an unnecessary risk. Attach your new mirror and forge ahead — or backward — worry free.

The rearview mirror is compatible with any Pride scooter with a delta tiller. It attaches to the handle with no tools needed.

5. Storage Baskets Carry Your Load

Pride Mobility has several storage options. It helps to know your needs before making a selection. For example, if turning or twisting is a challenge for you, an easy to access front basket is probably your best option. If maximum storage is your aim, the target should be a rear basket. Our baskets, which are great for your purse or shopping bags, are made to fit our scooters and reliably tote your stuff.

Where Do I Buy Pride Mobility Scooter Accessories?

All the accessories discussed in this article are available at our Pride Mobility providers across the country. Find a Pride Mobility Dealer or visit one online.

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