Cheryl Miller – Regaining Independence

Sometimes, the ability to do the simplest things is the most rewarding. With her new Jazzy Air® electric wheelchair, Cheryl Miller discovers just how much she can accomplish.

Cheryl is a double amputee, with both legs removed just above the knees. In the past, performing basic tasks around her home in Indiana, Florida, was next to impossible. All that changed when Cheryl’s provider told her about the Jazzy Air and how it provides 10” of adjustable seat height.

Since purchasing the Jazzy Air, Cheryl’s life has changed dramatically. She is empowered by her newfound independence in the home she shares with her husband, Kirk. “With my Jazzy Air, I can now reach the stove, the sink, and even the upper cabinets, up to the second shelf,” said Cheryl.

Cheryl and Kirk celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in July, which is an amazing milestone. And Cheryl has achieved her own personal milestone of being able to do simple, everyday things around the house, like cooking and washing dishes. “My Jazzy Air has given back the quality of life I thought I had lost,” said Cheryl.

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