Sylvia Longmire – Discovering Her Limits

For Sylvia Longmire, there is nothing greater than discovering the boundaries of her abilities. Her passion for traveling and her dedication to serving the disabled community has pushed her farther than she ever thought possible.

After a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) twelve years ago, Sylvia discovered a way to continue living her life. Through her veteran status from serving in the Air Force, the VA supplied Sylvia with a Pride® Go-Go® Elite Traveller. Sylvia took her Go-Go everywhere, and because it was so dependable she put a lot of miles on it. “I ran it into the ground,” Sylvia joked.

Currently, Sylvia uses the Go-Go Ultra X Scooter. She travels a lot for her consulting business and has made many solo leisure trips. Sylvia knows she can go anywhere with her Go-Go. “I love that it is so dependable and lightweight, and gives me security when I’m traveling.” Plus, the Go-Go gives Sylvia freedom to do things with her kids. “I love having access to the places they want to go,” said Sylvia.

When Sylvia isn’t traveling to far-flung places such as Sydney, Australia, or Munich, Germany, she participates in local and national slam poetry events. Sylvia believes the art of slam poetry is her way of having a voice and engaging with the disability community. Her interaction with other people who have disabilities has inspired Sylvia to do more. “There are people who have greater limitations than I do and they have achieved amazing things.”

If there is one thing that Sylvia has learned in dealing with her MS, it’s that traveling with a disability can be done, and she encourages anyone with a disability to set aside their fear. “Find out what your limits are and explore your world,” Sylvia said.

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