MJ McColgan – For the Love of Sports

As a Special Olympic National Golf Champion, Michael “MJ” McColgan knows a thing or two about sports. Inspired by great athletes, MJ strives to surpass his limits and achieve great things.

Born in Birmingham, Michigan, MJ was diagnosed with a type of cerebral palsy. His limited mobility has not stopped him from making his mark on the world as a champion golfer. MJ credits his parents for encouraging him to live his life despite his disability. “They always taught me to focus on my abilities, not my disability, and to never give up.”

To get around, MJ uses the Go-Go® Elite Traveller Plus. He loves the size and he can go anywhere with it. “My Go-Go is lightweight and works well for me when I am traveling to many places around the world,” MJ said.

During his impressive golfing career, MJ competed in the Special Olympics for 10 years and never lost. He won 48 gold medals and 3 National Championships. He also won the Northern California State Championships 9 times in a row. MJ also competed in the World Games in Ireland, China and Greece. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in his birth state of Michigan. He was also inducted into the San Francisco Hall of Fame and the Hall of Fame for his alma mater, San Ramon High School.

Although MJ retired from golf five years ago, he keeps busy. He has co-authored 5 successful golf books with his father. He volunteers for the Dublin Police Department, and he started an annual “MJ Gift of Life Red Cross Blood Drive” held at Blackhawk Country Club. MJ also serves on the board of the Wheelchair Foundation, an organization that provides wheelchairs to people with disabilities all over the world. Last year, the Wheelchair Foundation celebrated an amazing milestone by reaching 1,000,000 wheelchairs. “I am proud to be part of an organization that is giving disabled people much needed freedom,” said MJ.

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