Nancy Byler – Cruising in her Go Chair®

Nancy was born and raised in Whittier, California. She moved to Twin Falls, Idaho, to teach geography and geology at the College of Southern Idaho. Later, she was diagnosed with a slow progressing form of ALS, and decided to retire to Tucson, Arizona. Her medical condition has not slowed Nancy down at all. She uses her Go Chair® electric wheelchair to maintain her independence. “The chair is lightweight and goes everywhere with me − on planes, ships, trails, and restaurants,” Nancy said. 

Nancy loves that her Go Chair motorized wheelchair fits through the doorways of her house and goes long distances on one charge. She also takes the Go Chair with her when she travels. She particularly loves going on cruises. Recently, Nancy and her significant other completed a cruise from Los Angeles to Chile.  When she isn’t traveling, Nancy enjoys reading, home décor, TV remodeling shows and staying in touch with her friends.

She has three children and five grandchildren. “My grandchildren inspire me to live as long as I possibly can,” Nancy said. Nancy regularly goes to a monthly ALS support group. She also attends seminars about clinical trials of new ALS medications.“Since I have lived so much longer than many, I can offer advice, support to others, and friendship to all,” Nancy said.

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