Susan Bates: Riding into New Horizons

Tennessee-native Susan Bates both lives and loves her best, living her life to the fullest and showing others that they can too. Life wasn’t always that way for Susan. When she was first diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)/reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) five years ago, her mobility and way of living were changed in significant ways, presenting some challenges.

“I was diagnosed with a rare nerve disease that destroyed my feet, and I have to wear braces on both feet. I couldn’t get out and enjoy doing the things that I used to do,” Susan said.

In overcoming the challenges associated with CRPS/RSD, she found her purpose. Susan, her husband, and their dog, Miss Abby, are passionate about traveling in their RV and exploring the United States.

Susan’s Go-Go Sport 4-wheel mobility scooter has aided her in her travels, allowing her to ride smoothly over rocks, grass and pavement.

“I love how easy it is to assemble and disassemble. It’s so comfortable, turns with ease and has long battery life,” Susan said.

In addition to her Go-Go scooter’s features, she attributes part of her positive experience to Pride’s great customer service.

“It has given me the freedom to be able to get out again and enjoy life. I’m back to feeling like I can do things, and socialize with family and friends,” Susan said. What inspires her travels is helping other individuals with disabilities find places and things that they enjoy doing so that they too can find happiness and live a fulfilling life.

Both Susan’s goal and personal accomplishment is to be a voice for the disability community.

“I want to help bring awareness that some places need to be more handicapped accessible. I want to be their voice,” she explained.

Susan channels her passion for helping others in the disability community into her YouTube channel, where she shows them wheelchair-accessible places and equipment that can help them have the freedom and mobility to live a life of happiness. In addition to her YouTube channel, New Horizons, she also started raising money on Patreon, where half of the funds go to a local church or organization that helps others with disabilities. Some examples of individuals she helps are those who need a wheelchair, a wheelchair ramp or scooter ramp.

Be sure to check out Susan Bates’ channel for more information about accessible travel and overcoming the challenges of living with a disability.

As Susan says, “Remember your next dream, your next adventure, is over the horizon.”

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