Navigate the Holidays with Your Power Wheelchair

Many look forward to the holidays with anticipation. Others can’t wait for them to be over. While holiday events, shopping and decorating can be fun, we also understand that they can be just as much of a hassle and can’t be avoided. We have some tips for how you can minimize stress while navigating the holidays with your power wheelchair this season.

Decorating with Your Power Wheelchair

Have you gotten your home ready for the holidays or have you been pushing it off as long as possible? Decorating can be a cinch when it comes to decorating lower surfaces but putting lights and ornaments the tree or decorating those higher spaces can pose some challenges. Take decorating to a whole other level this year with the Jazzy Air® 2. Decorate those hard-to-reach surfaces and spaces at home or in the office with 12” inches of added elevation. You can have the independence to make your space look exactly how you’d like it.

Baking with Your Power Wheelchair

The Jazzy Air 2 is also a gamechanger when it comes to cooking and baking. Whether you are inspired by the competition shows on TV or are baking for a holiday gathering, the Jazzy Air 2 allows you to be able to reach your ingredients on shelves and in cabinets in your kitchen, as well as operate the stovetop safely. Bake that secret family recipe with pride this season.

Cinnamon cookies with cinnamon sticks and walnuts on a wooden table.

Parties with Your Power Wheelchair

Being cooped up at home is desirable for many people, but sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the house and interact with loved ones. From family gatherings to cookie exchanges, there is likely some event or place where you’ll need to be this season. Whether you enjoy face-to-face interaction with friends and family or just want to hang out by the high-top dessert table while avoiding a certain someone, Jazzy Air 2 to the rescue! All it takes is a little bit of elevation to add a whole new element to partying during the holidays.

Shopping with Your Power Wheelchair

Not one for parties or crowded shops but can’t seem to get out of going to them? We have various options to meet your needs when it comes to getting out and about. With the Jazzy Air 2 you can see when navigating crowds at the mall, as well as be seen when riding through those crowds with 12” of added height.

For tight spaces, we recommend checking out the Go Chair®. With a compact turning radius of only 25.4″ you can navigate narrow and tight spaces, such as elevators.  The nice thing about the Go Chair is that it easily disassembles into five lightweight pieces for transport and storage, making it the number one power chair for portability.

Traveling with Your Power Wheelchair

Seeing friends and family who live far away is one of the best parts of the holiday season. However, holiday travel is not so fun. Between delayed flights, inclement weather and TSA lines, it could make your head spin, not to mention trying to transport your motorized wheelchair while hoping that it doesn’t get lost or damaged on flights. With the Jazzy® Passport, simply fold and travel in a few simple steps. Its compact and lightweight design makes traveling a breeze, whether transporting it by car or plane. What makes the Jazzy Passport a desirable choice for air travel is that it’s available with an air safe travel battery. However, we still recommend checking with your airline before flying, as to avoid any possible delays.

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