Shopping After COVID-19 in a Power Chair

As we return to our normal schedules and shopping after COVID-19, we need to adjust to what we call the “new normal.” We have compiled several tips for taking precautions when regularly navigating public spaces.

Start with a List

Ensuring that you have a grocery list cuts down on the time it takes you to shop. Having a list also allows you to pre-plan your route in the store, based on the aisles or departments your items are located in. Many stores have implemented policies that ensure foot traffic in aisles goes one way. These changes may require an extra loop around the store, so ensure that your scooter or powerchair batteries are fully charged before venturing out. Click here for more information on how to charge your power chair.

Wear a Mask

Covering your face protects the individuals and workers around you. Many department and grocery stores still have rules in place that all patrons must wear protective face coverings. Masks, scarves, and shawls may be allowed. The best way to ensure you are complying with the store’s rules is to check with management.

Wipe it Down

Disinfecting surfaces that you come into contact with, such as a shopping basket, helps reduce the chances of spreading and contracting COVID-19. If you are utilizing your scooter or power chair basket, wiping it down after you are home is a good way to keep your exposure to a minimum. Many of our chairs feature compartments or baskets that you can transport your own cleaning supplies in. See our line of accessories here.

Enjoy Your Space

Reducing your contact and exposure to others also helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. CDC guidelines have recommended that you stay at least six feet apart from another person while shopping or in public. Many stores now have markers taped down at the checkout lines with instructions on how to proceed.
For additional resources about preparing to re-enter retail spaces and restaurants, check out information from the CDC here.

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