What is a Motorized Wheelchair?

When you think of a wheelchair, typically you think of a manual push chair that is comprised of two drive wheels and two  smaller wheels known as casters. However, there are many additional options when it comes to increasing your mobility. One great option may be a motorized wheelchair. Here are some of the optionsContinue reading “What is a Motorized Wheelchair?”


Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Liberation Day, and Emancipation Day, has both a rich history and special meaning. This holiday marks the anniversary of when Texas learned that President Lincoln had declared slavery illegal. It was the final state to hear the news on June 19, 1865, hence the name “Juneteenth” today.Continue reading “Juneteenth”

Pride Mobility Products Corp. and Quantum Rehab passionately serve individualswith disabilities, and just like any disability, we do not discriminate with regard torace, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, protected Veteran status, or age. Social injustice saddens us to our core because it’s in our DNA to welcome individuals from all backgroundsContinue reading

Where to Sell Electric Wheelchairs

You have a used electric wheelchair that you no longer need, but now what? Whether you’re using a newer motorized wheelchair or the person who used the older one has passed on, it can be a good idea to sell the electric wheelchair if it is still in good working condition. Selling Electric Wheelchairs toContinue reading “Where to Sell Electric Wheelchairs”

Canine Assistance

Canine Assistants 3160 Francis RoadAlpharetta, GA 30004 Phone: 770-664-7178 Fax: 770-664-7820 E-mail: info@canineassistants.orgWebsite: www.canineassistants.orgCanine Assistants is a non-profit organization that trains dogs to assist children and adults who have impaired mobility or other special needs. The dogs we train can turn on lights, open doors, pull wheelchairs, retrieve dropped objects, summon help, and provide secure companionship. Canine Companions for IndependenceContinue reading “Canine Assistance”