True Infinite Position

collage of infinite position lift chair in reclined position, hand control, footrest, and power headrest support.

What is True Infinite Position?

Different Pride Mobility power lift recliners offer a range of positioning features. The most versatile among them are those with true infinite position capabilities.

With these power lift chairs you can independently operate the seat, lumbar and shoulder support. These chairs were meticulously engineered to give the user a comfortable experience whether you’re reading or relaxing, sleeping or stretching out.

Considering the choices you may feel like a NASA scientist studying the infinite expanse of space. Just like the black holes they’re exploring now, true infinite recliners can feel like they go in every direction into infinity. Whew!

Don’t let the endless possibilities overwhelm you. Check out our other blog, which  details the various recliner positions. The options range from a simple position like sitting with the footrest at 95 degrees to the zero gravity position, when the knees are elevated and the bottom is lowered.

Benefits of True Infinite Position

Pressure Relief

Our recliners are sized based on height and weight to ensure your legs lie just right on the footrest. This attention to detail extends to the way the chair moves. Laying back in the napping position gives the lower back the right amount of stretch.

True infinite position chairs are the only Pride recliners with zero gravity position. The zero gravity position —  when your thighs and lower legs are higher than your torso — relieves significant pressure from joints and bones.

What Pride Power Lift Recliners have True Infinite Position?

Sink into the overstuffed Oasis Collection and find your true infinite position.

Luxuriate in the many fabric options of the Infinity Collection.

Allow yourself to relax however feels right in the fabulous VivaLift! Escape Collection.

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