How to Get the Most Out of Your Lift Chair

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Lift Chair

Is there anything more enticing than a comfortable lift chair? As a matter of fact, there is: A lift chair that caters to your every need and lasts.

When you take the time to learn about, care for and make the most of your lift chair, you can enjoy comfort, versatility and durability we take pride in.

Here are a few tips for experiencing the benefits of owning a lift chair to the fullest.

Number 1: Care for the Fabric

A lift chair’s fabric is what makes your favorite seat look and feel so appealing. When you properly care for the upholstery, your comfy chair will last longer (and look better to boot).

One of the best ways to extend the life of your lift chair is to learn how to clean it. Because you’ll come in contact with the chair’s fabric every day, it won’t stay spotless forever.

Keeping a lift chair cleaning kit nearby can help you quickly handle an accident. Our Crypton cleaning kit comes with a brush, a bleach-free disinfectant cleaner and three different solutions for removing stains and odors. If you don’t have a manufacturer-approved cleaning kit handy, spot cleaning with mild soap and water will work in a pinch.

Finally, try to keep your lift chair out of direct sunlight. Over time, the sun’s rays can cause almost any fabric to fade[1]. Something as simple as closing your curtains while you’re out can keep your upholstery looking good as new.

Number 2: Customize and Accessorize Your Chair

To really make the most of your lift chair, take the time to personalize it.

Your quest for comfort starts with buying the perfect chair. For example, if you like extra leg support, you may want a power lift recliner with a footrest extension. Depending on your height, you’ll need a small, medium, or large chair to comfortably rest your calves on the footrest.

Maybe you prefer a chair with heat and massage functions. Or perhaps you like the freedom of an infinite position lift chair. By visiting a mobility device dealer, you can test several chairs and choose your favorite.

Once you’re satisfied with your base model, you can customize it with:

[1] Library of Congress. Why does ultraviolet light cause color to fade?

  • Additional pillows – For extra neck support, try a matching head pillow. For some lower back love, consider a lumbar pillow. For more back and arm support, use a bolster pillow. With additional cushions, you can customize the look and feel of your lift chair.
  • Non-skid leg levelers – If your lift chair sits on hardwood or tile, it may slowly migrate across the room. With non-skid leg levelers, you can keep your chair firmly in place and account for uneven flooring.

Number 3: Read Your Owner’s Manual

Every lift chair comes with a detailed product manual. While it may not be as exciting as your latest novel, we recommend reading the owner’s manual from cover to cover. This guide offers general advice for all lift chairs, but your manual will provide specific information about your exact model.

Owner’s manuals typically include essential details like:

  • Important safety information
  • A “how-to” guide for setting up your lift chair
  • Tips for using the chair
  • Care instructions
  • Troubleshooting steps

After you’ve glanced through your manual, be sure to keep it somewhere accessible — you never know when you’ll need to consult it! With that said, if you ever lose your owner’s manual, don’t fret: Manuals for all of our products are always available online.

Number 4: Note Your Serial Number

It’s rare for something to go wrong with your lift chair. However, if you ever need to schedule a maintenance appointment or order a replacement part, you’ll need to know your serial number.

On a Pride Mobility lift chair, your serial number is on the frame of your chair. It’s also in your owner’s manual. Our serial numbers begin with an “L” and are 14 characters long.

Once you locate your serial number, write it down. That way, if you ever need it, you won’t have to bend over to check the chair frame.

Make the Most of Your Lift Chair with Pride Mobility

To get the most out of your lift chair, you need to get the best chair. At Pride Mobility, we pride ourselves on designing stylish, comfortable, easy-to-use power lift chairs for everyone to enjoy. Your local Pride Mobility dealer can help you choose and customize your lift chair. Once your new favorite chair is in your home, you can follow our tips to keep it in tip-top shape and get every ounce of enjoyment out of it.

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