Stephanie W: Making the Most of Her Mobility

As a wife, mother and grandmother, family is important to Stephanie W. Even with limited mobility, she makes time for what matters most in her life and enjoys every second of it. Stephanie was diagnosed with polio as a child. As she ages, it’s harder for her to walk around. Thanks to her Go Chair®, Stephanie has mobility throughout her home in Sacramento, California. “I love my Go Chair because it is narrow enough to get through my doors,” Stephanie said.  “I am able to go into every room in my house without a struggle and I can turn in tight spots with no problem.” Stephanie also loves her Go Chair because it’s small, not big and clunky. 

“I bought a pink one because it is my granddaughter’s favorite color,” said Stephanie. “I think it’s pretty.” In addition to her Go Chair, Stephanie uses a Victory 3-Wheel Scooter, which helps her get around her community. She enjoys her independence and not having to rely on someone to push her in a wheelchair. With her scooter, she also participates in activities with her loved ones. Stephanie hasn’t missed a moment with her family and friends, whether its trick-or-treating at Halloween or watching her granddaughter experience her first Easter egg hunt at a local park. 

“I am so thankful to have my scooter because I’m sure I would have missed so many of those fun times,” Stephanie said. As someone with a disability, Stephanie knows the power of giving back. She served as a volunteer for her local Lions Club and assisted those in need. If someone required special eye care and couldn’t afford it, she would set them up with an eye doctor who would provide care at little to no cost. She also helped find scooters and donate them to individuals who needed mobility. Although she is no longer involved with the Lions Club, Stephanie is grateful for her time with them. “It left me with a wonderful feeling for being able to help,” Stephanie said.

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